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Favorite Christmas Movie

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This holiday is great for many reasons, but today, I will focus on the subject of favorite Christmas movie. As with everything, each of us has an ecletic taste on what entertains us. Mine just happens to be…a little quirky. But, nonetheless, it’s still one of the best created.

A Christmas Story tells the tale of a young boy and his wanton need for the ultimate Christmas present…a BB gun… but not just any BB gun. This is the the treasure chest at the end of the rainbow kind of stuff. The Holy Grail of the Daisy Red Ryder chain (but on to the story… I do tend to get carried away…). Anyway, the boy has to face obstacles in his pursuit of this fine piece of molded steel and plastic and even Santa Claus (Yes, I believe in Santa.) seems to be acting like Ebenezer Scrooge. Oh, what does a boy have to do for a little justice in this world? The story is filled with hijinks and many laughs, as people of all ages will enjoy this holiday treat. I’m not going to tell you the ending…

So, now you know my fav movie… what’s yours?

What Does Christmas Mean To Me?

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I started asking myself that question at an early age. Some people would laugh about my serious demeanor and tell me, “Hey, you’re eight years old. Don’t worry about such deep thought processes…you should just have fun and enjoy the abundance of toys your going to get.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed receiving the pretty outstanding gifts…like the Star Wars Millienum Falcon, complete with the suave, vest-wearing Han Solo action figure. (So much better than Luke…but we will keep that our little secret.) But after all that “stuff” mentality wore thin, I realized the deeper meaning of this special time of year had nothing to do with materialistic things but more with being an ambassador of thoughtfulness and compassion. A simple act of kindness can be shown in ways such as a warm smile to someone not having the best of days,  a dollar in the red kettle that sits outside many retail locations this time of year,  and patience for the  sales clerk behind the counter on the biggest shopping day EVER.  It seems easy, but what often seems easy, is sometimes the hardest. 

As each of you sit down with family and friends and celebrate this holiday season, cherish what you have and don’t worry if you bought everyone on your list the hottest gifts of 2009 (chances are, they wanted gift cards anyway). But show them love, compassion, and everything a great greeting card is made of…which leads me into my little short story.

Receiving a Christmas card from most people is supposed to invoke feelings of joy and holiday spirit. However, one couple has decided a card from them marks you for death…

Yes, I know… it’s a complete one hundred eighty degrees from  most of the blog. But what can I say? I write thrillers…



Short Story Release

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On December 10, Echelon Press eBook Shorts will be releasing my latest short story thriller, “Dead Holiday.” I will also be guest blogging on their site, so I hope you’ll stop by.  You’ll be able to find both the story and the blogpost at

Until then, here is a bit from my cover.

Receiving a Christmas card from most people is supposed to invoke feelings of joy and holiday spirit. However, one couple has decided a card from them marks you for death…

Ryan Hempstead and Astor Chesley formerly worked for retail conglomerate Plaxton’s Superstores. They conspire to hold select employees and even a few customers captive as they deliver their own holiday message.

Marcona Police Chief Mark Blakenship is finishing his Christmas Eve shopping when he is thrust into the middle of the two’s revenge. Will Blakenship be able to stop the rampage, or will he be a victim of this Dead Holiday?

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