Favorite Christmas Movie

This holiday is great for many reasons, but today, I will focus on the subject of favorite Christmas movie. As with everything, each of us has an ecletic taste on what entertains us. Mine just happens to be…a little quirky. But, nonetheless, it’s still one of the best created.

A Christmas Story tells the tale of a young boy and his wanton need for the ultimate Christmas present…a BB gun… but not just any BB gun. This is the the treasure chest at the end of the rainbow kind of stuff. The Holy Grail of the Daisy Red Ryder chain (but on to the story… I do tend to get carried away…). Anyway, the boy has to face obstacles in his pursuit of this fine piece of molded steel and plastic and even Santa Claus (Yes, I believe in Santa.) seems to be acting like Ebenezer Scrooge. Oh, what does a boy have to do for a little justice in this world? The story is filled with hijinks and many laughs, as people of all ages will enjoy this holiday treat. I’m not going to tell you the ending…

So, now you know my fav movie… what’s yours?

3 Responses to “Favorite Christmas Movie”

  1. Charles Bemis Says:

    Tell us. Did you get your tongue stuck to a frozen pole when you were a kid… is this why it is your favorite xmas movie?

    • Actually, it was a set of monkey bars and I was like 8… A girl bet me a STAR WARS action figure (GREEDO) that I wouldn’t do it. I embraced the challenge andeven a little pain came my way, I had a brand new figure to add to my collection. Maybe the movie had a little to do with it.

  2. My favorite Christmas movie is Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase.
    There are many substories inbedded in the movie. It always makes me think and I also get a new respect for family.

    Prior to this movie I would have said that I truly enjoy the Scrooge movies with Alister Sim and Reginald Owen.

    And yes, I also believe in Santa.

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