Get to Know Homicide Detective Kelli Jordan

Kelli Jordan was on the last lap of her run.  The Marcona High School running track was open to the public, and she always took advantage of it. Today, she probably should have run inside on the treadmill, but that wasn’t her style. Kelli increased her speed, glancing down at her sports watch. The former Marine Corps Officer, and lanky college athlete, wouldn’t let a little ice and cold weather keep her from her daily ritual. She turned the final bend and finished strong. A quick glimpse of the watch had her time recorded at nine minutes and forty-six seconds.  Pretty damned good, for a thirty-something year old, she thought.

She slowed to a brisk walk and pulled off her thermal ski mask.  Her long black hair spilled out as she rubbed a gloved hand through it briskly. Okay, now it’s cold.  Kelli walked off the track and headed for the snow covered parking lot.  She opened the door to the gray Lumin and noticed the digital pager in the cup holder flashing red. I’m on vacation. She forcefully grabbed the annoyance and looked at the number.  End of vacation.  Kelli grabbed her cell from her coat on the passenger seat. She dialed the number, and a man answered before the second ring.

Visit the blog regularly for more blurbs from Deadly Demented and other works by Jeffrey Martin.  If you can’t wait to learn more about Kelli Jordan, get Deadly Demented now or order Deadly Demented for your Kindle Reader!

3 Responses to “Get to Know Homicide Detective Kelli Jordan”

  1. christinehusom Says:

    Very attractive site, Jeffrey and your books look great!

  2. Kelley Walker Says:

    All I have to say is look out Dean Koontz, step to the side James Patterson there’s a new Thriller Writer in town. Lucifer’s Calling and Deadly Demented are two of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Every page is full of suspense and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The characters seem so real, you feel like you are living the story with each one of them. Detective Kelli Jordan is amazing, must have something to do with her great name.

    I just want to thank you, Jeff, for sharing these stories with us. And I’m trying to wait patiently for 3:16, but I can’t make any promises. I just know its going to be even better than Lucifer’s Callling and Deadly Demented, if that is even possible. Good luck with it and happy writing…

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