Help Jeffrey Martin Name A Character!

Some people are terrified of spiders…are you?

If you’re not, one woman just may change the way you think…


By spring, I will start writing my next novel, Weaving Evil, which you read about in the above teaser. As I plan for this, I’d love your help naming a character in the story…one of the victims.  I’ve come up with three names, and I invite you to have your say in naming by voting on one of the following names.  The poll will be open until February 26.  At that time, the name with the most votes will be given to a character in my book.  Thanks for your feedback!

5 Responses to “Help Jeffrey Martin Name A Character!”

  1. Elena Says:

    I think Tyler Kruse would be the best option. After all, it is very close to Tom Cruise, a very recognizable name. The second name wasn’t great, but the third is a nice option.

  2. Samauri Geish Says:


    Great selection of names you have posted, for the people to select their chosen. I like them all, but Stephanie’s the name. that I think it should be, because of the name and the web she could weave, not to mention the sting of of stings!

    Best wishes for your continued success, I am thrilled to be your uncle and will enjoy seeing you be the “BEST!”

  3. Kelley Walker Says:

    Wow! This is awesome. It is extremely amazing that you are letting your fans get involved with the writing of your next book. That says a lot about who you are and what your fans really mean to you. I love all the names. It was very hard to make a decision. But I did and have voted. Which ever name wins I know you’ll do wonders with it. I do have to say though that picture of that spider will give me nightmares for a long time.

    Have fun writing it, I know we all will have fun reading it.

  4. Connie Slavin Says:

    You captured my attention with the picture of the spider! That alone should be enough to give anyone the scary willies. I selected Celeste Brillings. I have a wonderful sister in-law with the name of Celeste and she is not afraid of anything. Could it be the name?

  5. Amanda Ward Says:

    I think Rowena or Ramona BEASTIE would be a curious name – if you intended to have a minor joke in there? Don’t exactly know how serious you are!
    Or Jennifer DERSPI. (Do you see??? SPI and DER) Or Stephanie SILK. Rachel ARISTIDE. Wendy AURIGNY (French spiders are Araignee – probably too vague or complicated for most readers but this makes it more like the Channel Isle of the same name, sister island to Jersey and Guernsey)
    I take it the victim is female; Stephanie or Celeste being clearly girls’ names however for most Europeans (of which I am one) would not recognise the forename Tyler as one or other – although it may be more common Stateside, it is more a surname to our minds.

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