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Music Soothes the Writer’s Soul

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Ever since I picked up a pen and scribbled my first story,  music has become a distinct part of my writing process. They say, “music soothes the savage beast.”  Well, in my case, it has the effect of three large cans of Red Bull within a one-hour time span. And you know something? It seems to have worked so far…

Now,  the music  isn’t  the kind you can usually find playing on  Top Pop Forty. It’s  chosen with much thought, and every song is unique to the chapter I’m writing.  For example, when I’m working on various murder scenes, I tend to gravitate towards the ear-splitting bands, such as Seether, Bullet for my Valentine, Rise Against, Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Killswitch Engage, and–my ultimate fav–Papa Roach.

Okay, there are times, (very few) when I have my protagonist involved in a heartfelt moment (did I say…very few?). Obviously, I need to change it up a bit, so for these scenes, the occasional Lifehouse, Skillet, and, of course, Staind are my avenues of approach. 

I can tell you one fact for sure. Music for my writing is equivalent to gas for your car. Enough said?

Hold on. It’s time for some Lady Gaga. And no, I’m not telling you what kind of scene I write when I listen to her…you’ll figure it out when you read 3:16.

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Get To Know Police Chief Brian Jeffers

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He sat down at the desk and opened the top drawer.  The fifty-cent piece was staring up at him. He had found this underneath a chair in the living room a few weeks after the murders. The only reason he had kept it was the coin was printed the same year he was born. He really didn’t believe in good luck, but a little superstition didn’t hurt anybody. Brian put the coin in his pocket, like he did at the beginning of every day as of late. He opened the closet and grabbed his dry-cleaning. He stripped the plastic off and gazed with satisfaction at the navy blue uniform.  He ran his fingers over the departmental patch on the sleeve. The background was a lighter shade of blue than the uniform and a white-capped mountain surrounded by a running stream was the inlay design. Desoto Valley Police, Colorado was embroidered in red across the top. He hadn’t put a uniform on for several years, but the department required it. He quickly dressed and reached back into the drawer to withdraw the new, gold-plated badge he would wear from now on. He clipped it into place and put the rest of his duty belt on. He could hear Victoria open her door and rush into the office.

“Daddy…you look like a real policeman!”

Brian was tall and once physically fit. He had gained a few pounds in the last few years and it showed.

“Ha! Thank you, I think so, too.” Brian laughed.

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Get To Know Lucifer

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The sun had started to shine bright on that windy Sunday late morning as Lucifer was jogging through the Vamperia City Park.  There was hardly anyone on the running trail that morning, and Lucifer needed the privacy to think, so it was just perfect for him.  For several years, he had been conducting himself this way.  Jogging was optimal for two reasons.  One, it helped him clear his head and prepare for creating more brilliant masterpieces.  The second reason was to keep him in a high state of physical conditioning.  He needed to remain stronger than all of the prey he would add to his collection.  He was increasing his pace as he exited the trail and was now running on the dowtown city streets of Vamperia.  He noticed several police patrol cards driving by him this early morning.  Lucifer had to smile when that happened.  He continued jogging until he had made a complete circle around the park, and he thought he was making pretty good time.

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Get To Know Police Chief Mark Blankenship

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Mark Blankenship maneuvered the marked patrol unit through the cornucopia of holiday shoppers as they gave him an accusing stare. He scanned the parking lot, looking for an open spot. Great. Who does their shopping on the last day before Christmas? He thought for a second. Me, of course.

Unable to find anything available, Mark drove across the street, finding the perfect place. He grabbed his cell from the console and squinted at the number of bars remaining on the battery. Wonderful. Hope nobody needs anything.

He popped open the glove box, sorting through the mess. There you are. He shoved the cheap charger into the lighter and plugged in his phone. Mark pulled down the visor and ran a hand through his thick black hair. The wrinkles emerging on his face and the tired brown eyes reminded him of the recent struggle with divorce.  I really do look old.

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