Get To Know Lucifer

The sun had started to shine bright on that windy Sunday late morning as Lucifer was jogging through the Vamperia City Park.  There was hardly anyone on the running trail that morning, and Lucifer needed the privacy to think, so it was just perfect for him.  For several years, he had been conducting himself this way.  Jogging was optimal for two reasons.  One, it helped him clear his head and prepare for creating more brilliant masterpieces.  The second reason was to keep him in a high state of physical conditioning.  He needed to remain stronger than all of the prey he would add to his collection.  He was increasing his pace as he exited the trail and was now running on the dowtown city streets of Vamperia.  He noticed several police patrol cards driving by him this early morning.  Lucifer had to smile when that happened.  He continued jogging until he had made a complete circle around the park, and he thought he was making pretty good time.

Visit the blog regularly for more blurbs from Lucifer’s Calling and other works by Jeffrey Martin.  If you can’t wait to learn more about Lucifer, read Lucifer’s Calling, available here!

One Response to “Get To Know Lucifer”

  1. Kelley Walker Says:

    This will absolutely make me think twice about the other joggers in the park. You just never know who is right behind you. Another wonderful section of the book. Great job Jeff.

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