Music Soothes the Writer’s Soul

Ever since I picked up a pen and scribbled my first story,  music has become a distinct part of my writing process. They say, “music soothes the savage beast.”  Well, in my case, it has the effect of three large cans of Red Bull within a one-hour time span. And you know something? It seems to have worked so far…

Now,  the music  isn’t  the kind you can usually find playing on  Top Pop Forty. It’s  chosen with much thought, and every song is unique to the chapter I’m writing.  For example, when I’m working on various murder scenes, I tend to gravitate towards the ear-splitting bands, such as Seether, Bullet for my Valentine, Rise Against, Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Killswitch Engage, and–my ultimate fav–Papa Roach.

Okay, there are times, (very few) when I have my protagonist involved in a heartfelt moment (did I say…very few?). Obviously, I need to change it up a bit, so for these scenes, the occasional Lifehouse, Skillet, and, of course, Staind are my avenues of approach. 

I can tell you one fact for sure. Music for my writing is equivalent to gas for your car. Enough said?

Hold on. It’s time for some Lady Gaga. And no, I’m not telling you what kind of scene I write when I listen to her…you’ll figure it out when you read 3:16.

Want to see a few more of Jeffrey Martin’s favorites? Click here!

2 Responses to “Music Soothes the Writer’s Soul”

  1. Kelley Walker Says:

    I couldn’t imagine my day without music. No matter what task it is, I have music with me. It’s incredible that you are sharing some of your secrets with us. I have to say I’m extremely happy that you included the amazing Lady Gaga. I’d have to call you on that one if you forgot her.

    Whoever you use, keep it up. They are definitely working for you. Great work. With the help of Lady Gaga, 3:16 is going to be amazing. I can’t wait. I promise I’m trying to be patient, even if it doesn’t seem that way. Good luck, Jeff.

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