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Guest Blogger on The Longevity of Marketing for Writers

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I’m reading an article about “mistakes” authors make while marketing.  It’s been enlightening, but at the same time, it also leaves me scratching my head as I read. So what was one of these grave mistakes?  That authors both started and stopped marketing right after the initial release of their book.

I used the word mistakes in quotation marks above because I’m not sure it’s quite the right word.  According to Merriam Webster online, a mistake is “to blunder of choice, to misunderstand the meaning or intention, to identify wrongly” (  If you’ve never even known that marketing was an expectation, never been taught the choices (or how-to’s), and then you find yourself thrown blindly into it without that proper preparation, how can you possibly know the rules of engagement?

See, I think most writers are trained to be writers. The focus is on the three things all writers need to do to become better at their craft: reading, writing, and editing.  And, if they are really lucky, writers learn how to format manuscripts and write cover letters and submit to publications.  But then the lessons stop, so it’s easy to figure that a writer’s job must be over once the work is sold.  Is that a right assumption to make?  Not really.  But how can you know that if you haven’t been taught?

The thing is, if authors were taught about marketing as part of their professional development, the marketing longevity (or lack thereof) wouldn’t be an issue or “mistake.”  Authors would know that—if they wanted their book to gain recognition—preliminary marketing would start early on in the writing process…within writing the first few chapters, really. So while there isn’t a product at that point, there are opportunities to discuss their manuscript and start establishing themselves as a writer, both in person and online.  That way, once their book is sold, they’d already have a solid foundation for their marketing strategy and would be able to concentrate on the elation of having their work released instead of drowning beneath all the new expectations of promoting their book.  Authors would know marketing is for the long haul, NOT to just to be started and stopped within the first three months after their book is released, and that it can take years before it goes from a sleeper to a best seller.  Marketing is a creative marathon, not a formulaic sprint, and it needs to be ongoing for as long as a book is in print.

When do you think marketing your book begins?  What are/were your first steps in establishing yourself as a writer?

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A Big Thanks…

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I wanted to thank the ladies at the Next Chapter bookstore, in Knoxville, IA. Last night’s author event had a great turnout. I even made a few new fans… Kudo’s on the refreshments. My little girls loved the frosted cookies you sent home with me…

Win Signed Copies Of My Books!

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Congrats to the winner of the signed copies of my books (who followed me on Twitter at!

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Get To Know Detective Patrick Morgan From My Next Novel, 3:16

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Detective Patrick Morgan took a sip of the hot chocolate as he scrutinized the statement of Thomas Quinn. The senior citizen was the first person to discover the girl’s body, and so far, his written account of the event was less than helpful. Patrick tossed the useless paper into his inbox. Maybe later, this mumbo-jumbo will make more sense. He stepped out from his cubicle in time to see Commander Cromartie heading his way. Oh great, what does he want?

Cromartie handed him a folded piece of yellow paper. “Morgan, just got a call from Missing Persons. They received a report fitting our Jane Doe.”

“You coming?”

“I have to meet with the chief. Give me a call, if it’s anything,” Cromartie said.

Patrick flipped open the paper. Hmm, very expensive neighborhood. “I told you she didn’t belong in that part of town.” Patrick smiled.

“Yeah, yeah. Do you want me to bow to your brilliance?” Cromartie turned and walked off.

Book Signing April 22!

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In the Knoxville, IA, area? Come join me as I sign at The Next Chapter on April 22. Hope to see you there!

Make sure you visit The Next Chapter’s site by clicking here.

Get To Know Donovan Petrie From My Next Novel, 3:16

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Donovan took a sip from his mug, savoring the taste of the fine whiskey he had snuck past the mall rent-a-cop. Yes, liquid courage is my weakness, he thought. Tamara took a glance in his direction, noticing he was staring at her. She flashed him a smile as she continued to put the inventory away.  Donovan knew he wasn’t considered good-looking of even average, so any woman who gave him the slightest attention was a boost to what little ego he had. Donovan lowered his head, pretending to be interested in the headlines of the local newspaper. He realized his latest body of work was the hot topic of the day.  Wonderful, I’m getting some press. Donovan folded the paper and shoved it inside his jacket.

Get To Know Brandon Thornley From My Next Novel, 3:16

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Brandon shooed his son out of the room, trying hard not to smile at the boy’s persistence.  He locked the door and rushed back to the laptop. He typed in a few words, and a list of potential friends popped onto the screen. Brandon scrolled down the page until one particular picture captured his attention. The background design was red in color, and the shape of a heart was directly in the center. It was colored black, and a large, two-headed snake surrounded the Valentine’s Day symbol. Below was a name new to the website. Brandon gazed at it for a few minutes before deciding to check it out further. Donovan Petrie, you just might be a suitable friend.

Ryan returned to the office and was banging on the door. “Dad, it’s been two minutes. Come out!”

Brandon looked once more at the member profile for Donovan Petrie before he pushed the button to request him for his unique list.

Win My Books!

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