Get To Know Brandon Thornley From My Next Novel, 3:16

Brandon shooed his son out of the room, trying hard not to smile at the boy’s persistence.  He locked the door and rushed back to the laptop. He typed in a few words, and a list of potential friends popped onto the screen. Brandon scrolled down the page until one particular picture captured his attention. The background design was red in color, and the shape of a heart was directly in the center. It was colored black, and a large, two-headed snake surrounded the Valentine’s Day symbol. Below was a name new to the website. Brandon gazed at it for a few minutes before deciding to check it out further. Donovan Petrie, you just might be a suitable friend.

Ryan returned to the office and was banging on the door. “Dad, it’s been two minutes. Come out!”

Brandon looked once more at the member profile for Donovan Petrie before he pushed the button to request him for his unique list.

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