Get To Know Detective Patrick Morgan From My Next Novel, 3:16

Detective Patrick Morgan took a sip of the hot chocolate as he scrutinized the statement of Thomas Quinn. The senior citizen was the first person to discover the girl’s body, and so far, his written account of the event was less than helpful. Patrick tossed the useless paper into his inbox. Maybe later, this mumbo-jumbo will make more sense. He stepped out from his cubicle in time to see Commander Cromartie heading his way. Oh great, what does he want?

Cromartie handed him a folded piece of yellow paper. “Morgan, just got a call from Missing Persons. They received a report fitting our Jane Doe.”

“You coming?”

“I have to meet with the chief. Give me a call, if it’s anything,” Cromartie said.

Patrick flipped open the paper. Hmm, very expensive neighborhood. “I told you she didn’t belong in that part of town.” Patrick smiled.

“Yeah, yeah. Do you want me to bow to your brilliance?” Cromartie turned and walked off.

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