Test Your Jeffrey Martin Fan I.Q.!

Think you’re a true fan of Jeffrey Martin’s novels and short stories? Take this short quiz!

1.  Lucifer’s drug of choice for his victims in both Lucifer’s Calling and Deadly Demented is:

            a.  Pancrelipase

            b.  Propagancian

            c.  Promethazine

 2.  In Lucifer’s Calling, Augustino’s is:

            a.  a shop specializing in Italian imports

            b.  an exclusive night club

            c.  a high-class Italian eatery

 3.  Detective Kelli Jordan (from Deadly Demented) is a former:

            a.  Miss North Dakota finalist

            b.  New York City police detective

            c.  Marine Corps officer

 4.  Mark Blankenship (from Dead Holiday) goes to Plaxton’s Superstore to get his daughter a:

            a.  doll

            b.  Snuggie

            c.  Wii

5.  In House of Misery, what was in the window on the second floor that caught Brooke’s attention?

            a.  a flash of light

            b.  a ghostly face

            c.   fluttering curtains

Want to check your answers?  You’ll find them posted on my Facebook Fan Page.  Click here to go now!


5 correct:  A true fan of Jeffrey Martin, you’re anxiously awaiting his next book, 3:16.

4 correct:  You’ve read them all…but the quiz is a little tricky!

3 correct:  There might be a story you missed, but you love visiting the blog.

2 correct:  The details are fuzzy…

1 correct:  Time to go to Jeffrey Martin’s Amazon Store.

0 correct:  Make sure you click here for a free read of his work!


One Response to “Test Your Jeffrey Martin Fan I.Q.!”

  1. Kelley Says:

    Hmm…I guess this quiz says it all. I am proud to say that I did answer all five correctly! I guess that means it’s offical. I’m a true fan.

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