Read An Excerpt From My Upcoming Novel, 3:16

I’m more than halfway through the writing process for my next novel, 3:16. With that in mind, I thought you might like to see an excerpt from it as it unfolds.  In this scene, two of the main characters meet for the first time. Enjoy!

Brandon Thornley pushed himself away from the desk. Donovan was surprised how chiseled the security director was.  Stronger and leaner than me. Brandon stood up and reached for the hand of his visitor.  The sheer force of the man’s grasp almost caused Donovan to grimace.

Brandon smiled.  “Glad you could make it today.”

“Thank you, sir. Been a while since I’ve done this sort of work–”

“No worries. We can put you right back into the thick  of things.”  Brandon motioned for him to sit.

Donovan grinned. “Been doing something totally different the last few years.”

Brandon reached for his sport coat and pulled out two cigars. “De Lase, my favorite. May I offer you one?”

Donovan fingered the fine import. “Been a while for that, too.”

“Ha! Then it’s definately time.” Brandon reached over and grabbed a silver lighter monogramed with the letters G.T. “So, what have you been doing? The online application just says private contractor.”

Just killing people.  Donovan puffed on the cigar.


2 Responses to “Read An Excerpt From My Upcoming Novel, 3:16”

  1. berinnrae Says:

    Nice! Love the last sentence.

  2. Kelley Says:

    Great Job. Nice selection to share with us. I’m really looking forward to reading more of this one. I’m interested in seeing what Brandon and Donovan have in store for us. I completely agree with Berinnrae, I love that last sentence. Thank you for giving us this juicy little tidbit.

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