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Celebrate 3:16 With Me!

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As I type the last paragraphs of my latest novel, 3:16, I have been trying to decide how to celebrate. Sure, I could go out for something fancy, but there is still editing to be done. Still, I can’t let this benchmark go by without a bit of celebration. So, in honor of this accomplishment, I’ve decided to celebrate with you, the wonderful readers of my books and short stories.

The first 10 people from today until July 2 to follow both my fan page on Facebook (you’ll find it here) and my Networked Blog (you’ll find that here) will win ebook copies of three of my works: Lucifer’s Calling, Deadly Demented, and Dead Holiday.  After you follow both, email me at so I will have your email address to send your ebooks.

And make sure you keep checking here for updates on the status of 3:16!


More From 3:16!

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I’m in the home stretch of the writing my most recent novel, 3:16. During the last few weeks, I’ve been grabbing every moment I can to write because I’m excited about the way the story is coming together. I hope you’ll be pleased with this latest installment!

Someone’s in the house.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” I need another plan.  Cindy backed up in the direction where the selection of butcher knives were sheathed. Both of her hands trembled as she fumbled to remove one of the sharp objects. I wish Mark was here.

Cindy placed both hands at the base of the weapon and started to inch her way towards the living room. “My husband is coming home, so you better leave.” She stared into the darkness, grabbing the knife tighter. As she reached the edge of the living room, she raised her voice even louder. “I don’t want any trouble…just leave!”

Cindy removed one hand from the blade, reaching out in search for a light switch. She ran her hand along the inside of the wall until her fingers felt the smooth surface of the panel. Thank God.  Cindy didn’t hesitate to flip them all, which abruptly engulfed the room in light. She put the other hand back onto the knife, prepared to strike at whomever came into her line of vision. She scanned the spacious interior of the house and soon realized what was responsible for causing the unexplained sound.


Summer Reading

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It’s summer, and for many of us, that means long days, sweltering nights, and (hopefully) a few lazy afternoons. For the really lucky among us, that might also mean a well-deserved vacation.

If you are at all like me, part of my vacation time is spent with a good book. It doesn’t get much better than relaxing with a favorite author, no matter where I go. On my last trip, I was able to enjoy Intensity by Dean Koontz. It’s nice just to unwind and lose myself in the pages.

So what will you be reading this summer? Take the poll and leave a comment! Hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy my forthcoming short story, due out in July, and relax in style with some of my Jeffrey Martin summer fan gear.

The Last 200 Words Are The Most Challenging!

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I was interviewed recently for a book and author promotions blog. We were talking about the strengths of the components of book covers and the importance of writing a good back-cover blurb (and a little bit of how-to). I’d like to share with other writers what we discussed.

What is your process for writing the back cover blurb? Is there a “formula” you follow?

I create the blurb based on how I would write a query letter for potential agents and publishers. The first line is my hook. For example, in my debut novel Lucifer’s Calling, the hook line is A paralyzing prescription is recipe for creating one’s man art.” This is used to get the attention of the potential reader. I believe using the query creation method—or so I have just named it—is my best strength. I think providing a mini-synopsis for the blurb is of the utmost importance, especially if you’re a new author on the block and don’t have the exposure the established writers do. I will tell you a little secret…the last blurb I wrote took me all of thirty minutes, as I was on treadmill.

At what point do you write the back cover blurb?

I don’t consider even thinking about the blurb before the manuscript has been fully edited and ready for the submission phase. Once I’m satisfied with the final product of my work, I then write a three- to five-page synopsis of my entire book. From there, I will pick some key components of the synopsis and weave them into several sentences, which I believe will garner interest.

What advice would you share with authors who need to write one?

I say treat the blurb like you do your query letter. String together the most intriguing points from your story, and then, evaluate if they are interesting to people. Maybe show them to some of the people you know, who enjoy reading the material you write about. They are the ones who are going to purchase your book. You can base this on three key elements: the title, cover, and blurb. If you can entice their right brain juices, you have done the job you intended.  Sometimes, I think the 400-page manuscript is easier to create than a 150- to 200-word blurb.

Just some food for thought!

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