More From 3:16!

I’m in the home stretch of the writing my most recent novel, 3:16. During the last few weeks, I’ve been grabbing every moment I can to write because I’m excited about the way the story is coming together. I hope you’ll be pleased with this latest installment!

Someone’s in the house.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” I need another plan.  Cindy backed up in the direction where the selection of butcher knives were sheathed. Both of her hands trembled as she fumbled to remove one of the sharp objects. I wish Mark was here.

Cindy placed both hands at the base of the weapon and started to inch her way towards the living room. “My husband is coming home, so you better leave.” She stared into the darkness, grabbing the knife tighter. As she reached the edge of the living room, she raised her voice even louder. “I don’t want any trouble…just leave!”

Cindy removed one hand from the blade, reaching out in search for a light switch. She ran her hand along the inside of the wall until her fingers felt the smooth surface of the panel. Thank God.  Cindy didn’t hesitate to flip them all, which abruptly engulfed the room in light. She put the other hand back onto the knife, prepared to strike at whomever came into her line of vision. She scanned the spacious interior of the house and soon realized what was responsible for causing the unexplained sound.


One Response to “More From 3:16!”

  1. to my son very good job very proud of you love mom and dad

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