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New Short Story: Red, White & Blood

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Red, White & Blood

Independence Day in Marcona has just turned deadly. A crazed bomber has decided to terrorize all in his path, and he won’t stop until his revenge is complete.

Chief of Police Mark Blankenship and his daughter are unexpected targets of the attack, and they find themselves in a struggle for survival. He soon discovers if he doesn’t find the location of the devices or the man himself, all will be lost.

Will Blankenship be able to save the people of the city and disable the weapons of mass destruction…or will the trail of bloodshed include him and everything he loves?

Available this August!

Red, White & Blood

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While I’m in the process of editing my novel, 3:16, I’ve written a short story for the summer. In it, we see Mark Blankenship, the hero from “Dead Holiday,” as he tries to beat the clock against a madman who has planted bombs in the local park during a Fourth of July celebration. Want to know more? Keep reading for a snipet of chapter one!

Rebecca pushed back her blonde hair and adjusted her headset. “City of Marcona Communications Center. What’s your emergency?”

“Hi,” a deep masculine voice replied.

“Hello, sir. What is your emergency?”

“Oh, I don’t have an emergency…but I know several thousand people, who are about to,” the voice said.

What’s up with this guy? “Excuse me, sir. What did you say?”

He laughed. “I’ll make it easy for you to understand. People are going to die…is that clear enough for you?”

Asshole, you’re in trouble now. Rebecca pushed a button on the computer console. “Sir, can you tell me how these people are going to die?”


Of course. “Sir, that doesn’t tell me anything. Will you tell me how these thousands of people are going to be killed?”

“Boom…do you know what that means?”

“A bomb, sir?” She turned to see the tall, lanky desk sergeant walking towards her. “Sir, you have a bomb?”

The sergeant tapped a switch, and the room was filled with the conversation.

“Actually, I have several…but I don’t think you will find any of them in time. I really don’t.”

She shuffled papers on her desk until she located the checklist the department used in case they ever received these types of calls. “Sir, can you tell me where you are?”

“No…I don’t think so. But I’ll tell you one thing.” He coaxed her.


The man laughed again. “You have two hours, before all the devices detonate. If you don’t believe me, I have a little surprise for you in store, within the next thirty minutes.” The line clicked dead.

More from 3:16

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Homicide Detective Patrick Morgan flashed his shield at the young officer stationed at the yellow barrier. The run-down apartment complex on North Haven’s south side was known for its bevy of domestic disturbances and the occasional drug bust, but never in his fifteen years of policing the community, had Patrick been called for anything like this. Patrick glanced down at the silver name badge of the officer.

“Officer Herde, any word on who our victim is?”

“No, Detective, Commander Cromartie is waiting for evidence techs to take her fingerprints.”

“Okay, do we have anything on witnesses as of yet?”

“Just one, sir, the elderly man who discovered the body.”

“Where is he now?”

“He’s in apartment 213. Officer Gren is taking his statement.”

“Good, is Commander Cromartie on scene?” Patrick asked.

“Yes, he’s been here for about twenty minutes. He wanted me to let him know when you arrived.”

Doesn’t that guy ever sleep? Patrick thought.  “Thanks, you better radio him and let him know I’m here…wouldn’t want to get both of us in trouble.

“Will do,” Officer Herde smiled.

“Officer Herde, One more thing, when the evidence techs arrive send em up,” Patrick waved to the officer, as he entered the dimly lit hallway. The area was empty, except for two mal-nourished cats, sharing the remains of a headless rat. This place needs to be condemned, Patrick thought. He walked down the hallway, until he reached room 106. The door was wide open and another New Haven Police Officer was blocking the entrance. Patrick made eye contact with him and the sadness in the man’s eyes said it all.

In the Omaha, Nebraska, area?

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If you’re in Omaha on Satuday, July 31, you can meet me at The Bookworm. I will be signing copies of my latest novel, Deadly Demented. Hope to see you there!

What Are The Questions I Am Asked Most Frequently?

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Well, my book is now off for it’s first round of editing. Sending it off, I am beginning to look forward to discussing my story with readers, both in groups and individually. With that in mind, I thought about the questions I am asked most frequently, and I thought it might be fun to share my responses with you.

What inspires your stories?

I see all the crime-based television programming and think people should have stories which aren’t the cookie cutter variety. I’m inspired to create something different for that same reason. I enjoying pushing the envelope with my work, and I think if the author challenges himself, readers will feel they have been entertained.

Your bio says you have use a strong law enforcement platform for your work. How? What part of your job is specifically helpful?

My personal knowledge with investigations and ability to process crime scenes come into play here. Most writers don’t get the chance to be involved with this process. I think bringing this type of skill set to the table projects integrity into the storylines and gives my readers something to think about as they flip through the pages.

You’re a federal law enforcement agent and write about serial killers?

Yes, I enjoy creating my characters to possess unmitigated evil, but the characters also have a complex psychological side to them. I like to know why people become the way they do. The killers in my books are aware of consequences, so they have a sense of protocol in how they carry out their sadistic agendas. But there is always a protagonist there—ready to pounce—if and when they become sloppy…hehe.

Do you ever write anything else?

I released a horror story called “House of Misery.” I enjoy writing in new genres, so stay tuned to my webpage to see what I’m coming up with next (

Describe your writing process (and discuss where/when/how/etc.).

When I first come up with an idea for a novel, I sit down and create an outline of what I want for each chapter. I list main characters, settings, and flow of action in this brief outline. My goal is to have about 10 chapters outlined before I even put words to paper. My writing is done from any location you can think of…I have a program on my phone so when I’m in a place where I want to get that idea down, I type it into my writing document and send it to myself in e-mail form. But I will tell you, there isn’t a day where I’m writing something…

What advice would you give to a beginning writer or someone being published for the first time?

Do your research on your craft. If you want to pen a story about serial killers and law enforcement, know the basis of investigation and crime scene protocol. Talk to some local agencies in your area, and find some of the more experienced investigators out there. Ask them about cases they have worked on and techniques they used.
Also, map out your goals as a writer. For example, are you writing because you want to be the next big thing on the block, and you want to make beaucoup cash? If that’s the case, you’re probably in it for the wrong reason. Write the story you want, and hone it to perfection. Don’t get caught up in the trends that run the publishing industry. With time and hard work, opportunities will come your way. Just because the first 50 queries you sent out didn’t result in anything, don’t give up. Revamp the query, and send it to 50 more.

What are your biggest challenges as a writer?

I think the biggest challenge in general for me is not taking the time to relax after I get a book done. I’m already thinking of the next story in line and start working right away, without just taking a few days off and being proud of my latest publication. I’m sort of a workaholic…but I’m working on a twelve-step plan to curb that in the future.

What is your favorite part of being a writer and why?

When I walk into a bookstore or event, I love when people stop and talk to me. That’s where it all comes together. They have read my work, and they enjoyed the story, so they come out and talk to me, and it becomes real: my work is out there. Without them, I probably would have a shelf of material in binders, as it never would have seen the light of day.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to have more books for people to read as I continue to work in different genres and move into screenplays. Hell, if I can write a three-hundred page novel, I surely hope my skills will be ready for the next step in my writing career!


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