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Homicide Detective Patrick Morgan flashed his shield at the young officer stationed at the yellow barrier. The run-down apartment complex on North Haven’s south side was known for its bevy of domestic disturbances and the occasional drug bust, but never in his fifteen years of policing the community, had Patrick been called for anything like this. Patrick glanced down at the silver name badge of the officer.

“Officer Herde, any word on who our victim is?”

“No, Detective, Commander Cromartie is waiting for evidence techs to take her fingerprints.”

“Okay, do we have anything on witnesses as of yet?”

“Just one, sir, the elderly man who discovered the body.”

“Where is he now?”

“He’s in apartment 213. Officer Gren is taking his statement.”

“Good, is Commander Cromartie on scene?” Patrick asked.

“Yes, he’s been here for about twenty minutes. He wanted me to let him know when you arrived.”

Doesn’t that guy ever sleep? Patrick thought.  “Thanks, you better radio him and let him know I’m here…wouldn’t want to get both of us in trouble.

“Will do,” Officer Herde smiled.

“Officer Herde, One more thing, when the evidence techs arrive send em up,” Patrick waved to the officer, as he entered the dimly lit hallway. The area was empty, except for two mal-nourished cats, sharing the remains of a headless rat. This place needs to be condemned, Patrick thought. He walked down the hallway, until he reached room 106. The door was wide open and another New Haven Police Officer was blocking the entrance. Patrick made eye contact with him and the sadness in the man’s eyes said it all.

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