Writing Different Genres

Today, we talk about writing in different genres and leaving your comfort zone. As most people know, I usually write suspense/thriller novels, but recently, I decided to try something a little darker (okay, serial killers are dark). I have a strong belief, if I intend to be in this writing business for any amount of time, it’s imperative to be flexible in how and what I create for my readers. Now, that can be scary and intimidating, considering most of my fans enjoy my knack for creating a graphic crime scene. But I also understand pushing myself to write outside those certain confines challenges my true ability to write. The fun and joy of putting words on paper has returned back into my blood, and the desire to become a complete writer motivates me more each day.

Btw… A little story called “A Gathering of Crows” is coming this Halloween. So keep your eyes open for it.

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