A Big Thanks!

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out this weekend to support all the authors at The Great Iowa Book Event. Here are a few of my new author friends…

2 Responses to “A Big Thanks!”

  1. Charles Bemis Says:

    “I WAS THERE… WITH ARTHUR, THE KING!” (from the movie Excalibur)

    I mean… I was at the author event in Merle Hay Mall and it was a lot of fun. Jeffrey Martin’s table was the most visually appealing of all the displays. I met some new local authors and one of them turned out to be my Business Law instructior from college. Imagine that! I had a nice conversation with Ms. Lucke and told her how lucky she was to have the name Lucke. I bet she wished she had a dime for all the times she’d heard that one. All in all it was a great event and hopefully you’all made it. If not… catch the next one.

  2. Paul Alexander Says:

    I like books. They are fun to pass the time when I am trying to pass time. I like your books Mr. Martin. Please write more.

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