Once Upon a Time…

…there was a little girl who read too much…who was a young woman who worked in a book store…who became an official student of writing…who became writer…who became an editor with a few (haha) gray hairs…who became a book promoter…who became a publisher. Why? Because she loved books. Everything about them. Hardback, paperback, ebooks. Couldn’t get enough of them. So she took her years of experiences working in the field and finally put them all together. She opened a small press with great authors, and everyone lived happily ever after.

She likes happy endings in real life. But the books she loves? No happy ending required.

I opened Cold Moon Press for those of us who love the dark, the magical, the side of life–be it good or bad–that is forced into the shadows during the longest, coldest nights of the year. I wanted to publish stories that are lovely to read under the cover of darkness. I wanted to be able to feel the chill of a winter night, even if I opened a book in the middle of July.

The press itself is still very much in the development stage. The website isn’t quite together, business cards are not in yet from the printer, and support staff is still being rounded up. But the books! That’s where I’m spending my time right now, courting authors who have proven themselves to be great writers and, equally important, to be hard workers who understand that the job of an author only just begins when the words “The End” are typed on the paper.

I will be looking for submission later this fall, once our first book is printed (you’re gonna LOVE it!) and all the press logistics are handled. What am I looking for? Novels and eventually short stories (once the details are hammered out). And think about the press name. I want things that are dark or chilling or magical. Make your words mean something, make elements pivotal to the plot instead of gratuitous, make me want to wrap my sweater tighter around myself. Submit grammatically/technically sound pieces, and do your research. Show me that you’re willing to promote your work for the duration it is in print (I’ll help you, don’t worry!).

If you have questions before then, please contact me (editor@coldmoonpress.com). Until then, keep an eye out for the first release, and start writing down those stories you know you were meant to write.

2 Responses to “Once Upon a Time…”

  1. Charles Bemis Says:

    Very nice blog. It almost makes me want to put pen to paper myself. But alas, I am a reader not a writer. Best wishes and good luck.

  2. Charles, thanks for the kind comment. And while I care very much about writers, I *really* appreciate and value readers! They make our work worth while. 🙂

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