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Happy New Year Fans and Friends!

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It hardly seems this year is about to end, but indeed that is the case. I wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has filled their days and sometimes  their nights (Hehe) with reading my novels,  short stories, and visiting my site on a weekly basis. You truly are loyal fans and friends. Your excitement to read my work keeps my motivation to create at  its highest peak.

This year has been bountiful, and not just with the recent publications but also in my personal life. I have healthy children and a loving wife who continue to support my vision and understand why writing is so important to me. I also have to send kudos out to my new relationship with Cold Moon Press. Our goals almost seemed to mirror each other, and I know through time–and hard work–success is sure to find us.

Okay, before I get too teary-eyed (lol… yeah, like that’s going to happen), I will just end this with a few thoughts to everyone out there. 1.) Always follow your dreams.  2.) Never let anyone tell you something’s impossible. 3.) Live your life like there’s no tomorrow…because one of these days, there won’t be…

Happy New Year and stay safe this Holiday Season… (Yes, a mini public service announcement.)

Merry Christmas Fans and Friends!

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Today, I want to revisit my holiday short, appropriately entilted, Dead Holiday. Hehe. During this wonderful time of year, holiday greeting cards fill our maiboxes on a daily basis, and most of  us are delighted when we have people who think of us. Well, this little story focuses on receiving a not-so-nice  greeting card from two individuals who have vengeance at the top of their list to Santa Claus. Without further ado, here is chp 2 of Dead Holiday.

Mark Blankenship maneuvered the marked patrol unit through the cornucopia of holiday shoppers as they gave him an accusing stare. He scanned the parking lot, looking for an open spot. Great. Who does their shopping on the last day before Christmas? He thought for a second. Me, of course.

Unable to find anything available, Mark drove across the street, finding the perfect place. He grabbed his cell from the console and squinted at the number of bars remaining on the battery. Wonderful. Hope nobody needs anything.

He popped open the glove box, sorting through the mess. There you are. He shoved the cheap charger into the lighter and plugged in his phone. Mark pulled down the visor and ran a hand through his thick black hair. The wrinkles emerging on his face and the tired brown eyes reminded him of the recent struggle with divorce. Fuck, I really do look old.

Mark flipped up the visor and exited the vehicle. He smiled, staring up at the sign on the building. After I get done shopping, I think I will need a drink. He hiked across the lot, blowing warm air into his hands. Didn’t think it would be this cold.

As he approached his destination, Mark brushed off his coat, noticing a shabbily dressed middle-aged man standing outside of the giant superstore’s entrance. He sat next to a red kettle ringing a small gold bell, trying to get the attention of people as they walked past. Glad I’m not standing out here. Mark thought about bypassing him, too. Instead, he stopped in front of the kettle, reached into his pocket, and removed several waded bills.

He smiled at the man as he placed the bills through the slot. “Hey, why aren’t you inside the foyer doing this? It’s too cold to be out here.”

The man strained to look up as he exposed a toothless grin. “The store doesn’t want me in there…says I need to be out here.”

Not very holiday Joy-to-the-World, good-will-towards-men mindset. Well, stay warm. Hope I helped a little.” Mark shrugged.

The man stood up but still had a hard time reaching over to pat him on the shoulder. Mark bent over to receive the gracious gesture. The man slipped a foiled wrapped chocolate Santa into Mark’s large hand. “Every little bit helps…have a nice Christmas.”

“You too, sir,” Mark waved, pocketing the chocolate.

He walked through the sliding glass doors, and a rush of warm air gently greeted him. Now, that’s more like it. He stripped off his trench coat, smiling at the choice of shopping carts. Gotta love the holiday colors.

A young red-haired girl wearing a black smock and Santa hat stopped his progress as she handed him a store flyer.

“Happy holidays, sir. Welcome to Plaxton’s Superstore. Is there anywhere I can direct you today to fulfill your holiday shopping extravaganza?”

Who the fuck talks like that? Must follow a script or something. Mark shook his head, tapping his shirt pocket. “Um, no thanks. I have it all here.”

She smiled. “Alrighty, then. You have a good shopping experience.”

Please kill me now. “Thanks, I will.”

Mark grabbed a green cart and removed the list from his shirt. Next year, everything online.

He pushed the cart through several aisles until he found the rows of dolls his daughter had pointed out a few weeks ago. Now, which one was it? There were several choices, but he inspected the list, making sure this was the exact one she wanted. If he purchased the wrong one, Marcia, his ex-wife, would be sure to point it out to him. That was her way of getting back…it always had been. She would dramatize anything, no matter how small. A man can only take so much.

Mark removed the doll from the shelf, placing it into his cart. Presley, I hope you love it. She deserved to be happy, especially since the breakup of the marriage was only six months ago. The little girl didn’t understand why daddy only got to see her every other weekend.


Scanning the list, he realized he couldn’t just forget Marcia. I wonder what you get for the people who piss you off the most? He smiled as he headed in the direction of the end cap marked, “As seen on T.V.”

He sorted through the absurdity of choices and finally decided on the perfect gift for Marcia. Studying the box of knives, his eyebrows rose as he read. Even cuts through a pop can… maybe I need one of those.

Mark glanced down at his watch, realizing the store would be closing soon. The majority of customers appeared to have vacated the area, and he was one of the few remaining. Mark grabbed the last item he needed and marked it on his corresponding list.

“Merry Christmas to me. I’m all done. Now, time for a celebratory beverage,” he muttered. Mark carted his purchases in the direction of the register when he noticed something odd.

A young, dark-haired woman, dressed in black camouflage, appeared to be guarding the exit. She was shoving people back inside the store and even pushed one elderly woman so hard that she tripped over her cane and landed face first onto the floor.

What the fuck? Mark reversed his direction, looking for a vantage point. He reached down, unholstering the weapon he carried when he was off duty. Mark found safe refuge behind a large display of fireproof safes but was still close enough to keep his eye on the young woman. She kept yelling at some of the cashiers. Soon, a man dressed in a long-sleeve shirt and tan pants approached her. Mark took aim at the woman, but the man was in his line of fire, which made him lower his gun. The unknown man turned and pointed in the direction of the crowd, seemingly pleading with her to let them leave. He seems to know her.

The woman then did something unexpected. She reached behind her back and withdrew something large, pointing it at the man. A fucking gun. The man tried to scurry away, but she lowered the firearm and fired two shots into his back. He slumped to the floor as blood started to seep from the freshly made wounds.

The small crowd started to scream, and mass confusion ensued. Mark again trained his weapon on her, but the overhead lighting suddenly disappeared, and his vision was obscured by the darkness. She didn’t cut the lights, but somebody did. Mark heard several more shots, but this time, it came from behind him. He crouched down, straining to see where the rounds came from, but was unable to locate their origin. Mark started to inch forward when he heard the squelching of the store’s intercom system activate.

A hoarse voice filled the interior. “If you want to remain alive, do what we say. I’m only looking for certain people today, but will kill anyone who gets in my way. And I do mean anyone! Put your fucking cell phones in the garbage can…now!”

At least two gunmen. Mark reached for his cell but realized it wasn’t there. Shit. He wondered why the male voice had mentioned the gunmen were only here to kill certain people, and then, a very disturbing thought filled his head. He has a death list, and usually, the only people who had those were former employees.


Read the rest by clicking here!   

Favorite Christmas Present I ever Received (Part 2)

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Now, I ripped through the cardboard and shoveled aside the compliment of pink and blue tissue paper, only to have my eyes make contact with another cardboard box… (Are you freaking kidding me?) I took another deep breath, as I scanned to my left and then to my right.  A look of relief filled my face, knowing the other children in the room were more than satisfied with their haul. Santa appeared to come through for them. Why not me? I sat motionless, trying to recall if my behavior during the year had been tarnished in any way. Besides a few cases of HUA, I figured I had more “nice” than “naughty’ on my list. 

Crap. I had a flashback to one moment in particular, not one of my shining moments of the year. Did Santa see me superglue the pop can to the shopping mall floor? I thought it was funny at first, but now, this juvenile prank could cost me the largest of the Star Wars toys ever to be created.  I couldn’t go on, I just couldn’t…

I withdrew my hands from the cardboard and folded them across my chest. My mother was sitting across the room, noticing my silent protest. She called my name and urged me to continue opening the gift. This reassurance finally pushed me onward. I stared at the second square of cardboard. (It was much smaller, and surely the mighty Death Star dimensions would never fit into these measly confines.) My hands started to shake, and beads of sweat dripped from my brow. All of my preparation and persuasion these last few months could all be for naught.

I took one final breath, rubbed my small hands together, and tore at the box like a boy possessed. Within a few seconds, I was face to face with the logo of George Lucas’s wonderful creation. I grabbed the box, and it was much lighter than I thought. (What the heck?)  This was the almighty Death Star? It couldn’t be, not at all. The commercials showed the toy was humongous, and ten times the size of this.  I yelled to my mother  that Santa had pulled a fast one on me, and I got the blue-light special Death Star.

She walked over to me, and knelt down next to me and said, “Jeffy, you have to put it together. I promise Santa got the right thing.” She winked at me, as I wonder even to this day what that meant. (Hehe.)

I let my worrying pass, and within a few hours, the assembly  of the Death Star was complete. (I never figured out where every sticker went though.) And I will tell you one more thing.  Mom was right, the toy was so large, I didn’t have room for it under my bed. (All of super cool toys went under there.) This truly was the best Christmas present I ever received.

You know, I wonder what ever happened to it, now that I think of it…lol.

Favorite Christmas Present I Ever Received

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Today, I will share some secret squirrel 411 with you about the ultimate Xmas present I ever, ever,  EVER laid my eyes on… until this year of course… hehe.  The mere mentioning of it still brings a smile so wide, my facial muscles feel like they will never relax.

I was eight years old and remember having my mind brainwashed to accommodate only that which was Star Wars…(Damn, I wish I still had all those little figures.)  The big toy on my list was Darth Vader’s awesome Death Star. I made not-so-subtle hints to my mother for approximately six months prior. I was certain my Jedi mind tricks had prevailed without a hitch what-so-ever. (Boy was I wrong.)

So, let’s skip forward to Christmas Eve, as we are conducting our mandatory appearance at the in-laws residence, who I only saw a few times a year. (Enough said.) My brother and I were allowed to open our presents from those in-laws, which usually consisted of  itchy holiday sweaters and socks. But it was customary to try on everything, and without fail, pictures of the event would come to surface and the humiliation would ensue.

So, along with the clothing, there was always one present which was labeled “from Santa.” I was standing in line waiting in anticipation for my turn as name after name was called. I watched as everyone was ripping the cornucopia of holiday wrap aside and squealing with delight as they realized their dreams were turned into reality.  My name was finally called, and I grasped the large box in my hands like there was no tomorrow. I made quick work of the silver foil, taking a breath before I continued.  I eased open the cardboard and I saw something I didn’t expect… (Oh, I forgot to mention, part 2 of the story next week…) Hehe…

But this week, I hope to make someone else Christmas VERY merry. Elly S., you are the winner of the iPod Touch from the Scavenger Hunt. Thank you all so much for playing!

As the holiday season arrives…

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…remember to give generously to those less fortunate, be patient with busy sales people, and NEVER, EVER open an envelope from Ryan Hempstead and Astor Chesley.

Dead Holiday

Receiving a Christmas card from most people is supposed to invoke feelings of joy and holiday spirit. However, one couple has decided a card from them marks you for death…

Ryan Hempstead and Astor Chesley formerly worked for retail conglomerate Plaxton’s Superstores. They conspire to hold select employees and even a few customers captive as they deliver their own holiday message.

Marcona Police Chief Mark Blakenship is finishing his Christmas Eve shopping when he is thrust into the middle of the two’s revenge. Will Blakenship be able to stop the rampage, or will he be a victim of this Dead Holiday?

BUY IT NOW for your ebook reader!

Keep warm this winter with a Dead Holiday Sweatshirt!

It’s not too late to win an iPod Touch!

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If you haven’t submitted your entry for the drawing to win an iPod Touch loaded with my ebooks, it’s not too late! Play my online scavenger hunt and submit your responses by midnight tomorrow. Want more information? Click here!

Have fun!

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