Favorite Christmas Present I Ever Received

Today, I will share some secret squirrel 411 with you about the ultimate Xmas present I ever, ever,  EVER laid my eyes on… until this year of course… hehe.  The mere mentioning of it still brings a smile so wide, my facial muscles feel like they will never relax.

I was eight years old and remember having my mind brainwashed to accommodate only that which was Star Wars…(Damn, I wish I still had all those little figures.)  The big toy on my list was Darth Vader’s awesome Death Star. I made not-so-subtle hints to my mother for approximately six months prior. I was certain my Jedi mind tricks had prevailed without a hitch what-so-ever. (Boy was I wrong.)

So, let’s skip forward to Christmas Eve, as we are conducting our mandatory appearance at the in-laws residence, who I only saw a few times a year. (Enough said.) My brother and I were allowed to open our presents from those in-laws, which usually consisted of  itchy holiday sweaters and socks. But it was customary to try on everything, and without fail, pictures of the event would come to surface and the humiliation would ensue.

So, along with the clothing, there was always one present which was labeled “from Santa.” I was standing in line waiting in anticipation for my turn as name after name was called. I watched as everyone was ripping the cornucopia of holiday wrap aside and squealing with delight as they realized their dreams were turned into reality.  My name was finally called, and I grasped the large box in my hands like there was no tomorrow. I made quick work of the silver foil, taking a breath before I continued.  I eased open the cardboard and I saw something I didn’t expect… (Oh, I forgot to mention, part 2 of the story next week…) Hehe…

But this week, I hope to make someone else Christmas VERY merry. Elly S., you are the winner of the iPod Touch from the Scavenger Hunt. Thank you all so much for playing!

2 Responses to “Favorite Christmas Present I Ever Received”

  1. That’s just wrong. I don’t wanna wait! 🙂

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