Favorite Christmas Present I ever Received (Part 2)

Now, I ripped through the cardboard and shoveled aside the compliment of pink and blue tissue paper, only to have my eyes make contact with another cardboard box… (Are you freaking kidding me?) I took another deep breath, as I scanned to my left and then to my right.  A look of relief filled my face, knowing the other children in the room were more than satisfied with their haul. Santa appeared to come through for them. Why not me? I sat motionless, trying to recall if my behavior during the year had been tarnished in any way. Besides a few cases of HUA, I figured I had more “nice” than “naughty’ on my list. 

Crap. I had a flashback to one moment in particular, not one of my shining moments of the year. Did Santa see me superglue the pop can to the shopping mall floor? I thought it was funny at first, but now, this juvenile prank could cost me the largest of the Star Wars toys ever to be created.  I couldn’t go on, I just couldn’t…

I withdrew my hands from the cardboard and folded them across my chest. My mother was sitting across the room, noticing my silent protest. She called my name and urged me to continue opening the gift. This reassurance finally pushed me onward. I stared at the second square of cardboard. (It was much smaller, and surely the mighty Death Star dimensions would never fit into these measly confines.) My hands started to shake, and beads of sweat dripped from my brow. All of my preparation and persuasion these last few months could all be for naught.

I took one final breath, rubbed my small hands together, and tore at the box like a boy possessed. Within a few seconds, I was face to face with the logo of George Lucas’s wonderful creation. I grabbed the box, and it was much lighter than I thought. (What the heck?)  This was the almighty Death Star? It couldn’t be, not at all. The commercials showed the toy was humongous, and ten times the size of this.  I yelled to my mother  that Santa had pulled a fast one on me, and I got the blue-light special Death Star.

She walked over to me, and knelt down next to me and said, “Jeffy, you have to put it together. I promise Santa got the right thing.” She winked at me, as I wonder even to this day what that meant. (Hehe.)

I let my worrying pass, and within a few hours, the assembly  of the Death Star was complete. (I never figured out where every sticker went though.) And I will tell you one more thing.  Mom was right, the toy was so large, I didn’t have room for it under my bed. (All of super cool toys went under there.) This truly was the best Christmas present I ever received.

You know, I wonder what ever happened to it, now that I think of it…lol.

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