3:16 Now Available on Amazon!

We’ve been patiently awaiting the release of 3:16 on Amazon, and at last it is here! You can now purchase your copy online today. Want a sneak peak? Keep reading!



Brandon Thornley unzipped his jacket and removed the GPS device. Following the frost-covered trail, he reached the wooded sanctuary that was home to the tools of his real trade. He thought he could give it up and live the life of an honest man, but the hunger for killing was too strong and couldn’t be masked any longer. He forced himself through the dense tree branches, barely feeling their backlash on his exposed face and neck. A few steps further, he stopped in front of a large pine tree. The computer-generated voice from the GPS, which indicated he had reached his destination, startled him.

Wonderful…nobody had found my hiding place. Brandon dropped down to one knee and used both his hands to dig away the earth hiding his prized possessions. Ah, there you are. Reaching into the exposed hole, he pulled out a medium-sized brown leather pouch. His pulse quickened as he fumbled with the clasp. Easy…you’ve got this. Taking a few deep breaths, he slowly opened the pouch, reached inside, and pulled out several cloth-wrapped items. He unrolled the first, and the most beautiful double-edged blade he had ever set eyes on glistened in his grasp. Brandon repeatedly ran his fingers along the knife’s length, worshipping the texture and the craftsmanship of the weapon. All the other knives in the pouch were equally exquisite, and all were very capable of carrying out what he needed done, but Brandon had a special place in his heart for this one. Sort of like a good friend coming back into my life, he thought.


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