Win a Signed, Special Edition Hardcover of 3:16!

Want to win a signed, special edition hardcover of my latest release? The first 50 people to email me at get their name thrown into a hat for a drawing to win my book!

Don’t forget…if you’re in the Des Moines area, meet me at Beaverdale Books on January 29. Want more info? Click here.


2 Responses to “Win a Signed, Special Edition Hardcover of 3:16!”

  1. Jeffrey, I sent email but received an error msg., so doubt if I can get my name in the hat to win. Will be one of the first to “like” your post and hope you’ll consider me. Thanks, Mary.

  2. I just finished reading “3:16” on my kindle. Really enjoyed the twisted double plot with two serial killers. It seemed like they were trying to outdo each other in cruelty and bloodthirstiness (is that a word?)
    I felt sorry for the poor detective trying to run down the killers while saddled with his idiot supervisor and hampered by all of this taking place over the Christmas holidays and his personal problems.

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