Phobia Fun

Yesterday, I was discussing phobias with a friend, and came up with this idea, to find the most unique one available. Here’s the deal: leave me a comment on today’s post, which phobia you think is the most unique. The best will be featured in my fifth novel, DEATH MAP! You will get an ebook of my latest work, 3:16, and a print copy of DEATH MAP upon release! So, without further ado, let’s get it started!
Remember, death is only a click away!


20 Responses to “Phobia Fun”

  1. Hi, Jeffrey. I believe a phobia of shadows, no matter how big or small, no matter what the light conditions, and no where they are found would be great story fodder and quite unique 🙂

    Besides, shadows aren’t really just shadows are they? 🙂 🙂

  2. Author Susan Beth Nemitz Says:

    dark, murky water with seaweed to tangle in your feet and around your legs…that is my phobia…I mean it really gets me to the core!

  3. chellecordero Says:

    My daughter has a fear of cows AND cow pattern prints… I have NO idea why, lol.

  4. D.R. Says:

    Public speaking!

    • Ah, the infamous public speaking fear! Maybe if you think of your audience naked, that would help. Oh, wait, that might make it worse, considering who the audience might be!

  5. How about someone who has extrasensory gifts, who does everything they can to ignore the gift, push away at what they can see or feel, always holding back from learning too much about what they are capable of doing? So, a phobia of their gift which really feels more like a phobia of oneself sometimes, a body they have feel they have little control over.

  6. carol dunlavy Says:

    both of my daughters are scared of clowns and I have no idea why. My oldest won’t even go to a circus

  7. Robert Headley Says:

    I think the most bizard phopia I wittness was a woman I one knew for almost 2 years before I found out she was deathly afraid of feathers. You couldn’t even talk about feathers without her eys buggging out of there sockets and breaking out in a sweat and her throat even started contricting. It was quite unnerving to see a inteligent well traveled mature adult react this way.

  8. Kelly Folkerts Says:

    Sad to admit that I am scared to death of bridges. I hold my breath everytime I have to cross one and I have to cross a very old bridge to go to work everyday.

  9. Cold Moon Press Says:

    Crickets. Crickets and squirrels.

  10. Of course you have to consider the consequences which can be inflicted once the phobia is exposed So I would say Agliphobia – The fear of pain

  11. Kim McNiel Smith Says:

    My daughter has a phobia about her elbows being touched. It’s called Ichicascadiggaphobia…now try to say that. She totally freaks about this, it’s hysterical!

  12. Diana A Says:

    Don’t know what its called, but I have a fear of being the meat in a Big Rig sandwich…ya know, driving down the interstate and you have to go BETWEEN two big trucks, side by side…..Eeea Gads I Hate that!!!

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