And the Unique Phobia is…

Wow! Great responses to our little informal contest! There were many awesome suggestions, but alas…there can be only one winner. (Actually there were two!) I will be incorporating the two in my upcoming fifth novel, entitled, Death Map. Congratulations to the following phobias…

Sciaphobia- The fear of shadows!  Very cool, and I have already plotted out the course for this with a character you might remember. (That is, if you read my books!)

Ancraophobia- The fear of wind.  Now of course, I may tweak it just a bit to accommodate the wind chime fear…so stay tuned.

Okay, I wanted to wish you all a happy Fourth of July, and this week we are featuring my digital short Red, White and Blood. So,if you want a quick read, and enjoy a  bang for a buck…(hehe) come check it out at:

Until next time…remember, death is only a click away!

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