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Cold Moon Press Looking for “A Few Great Submissions”

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Today, finds me very under the weather, but I wanted to get this out to “all” you potential candidates! Cold Moon Press, (my publisher) is having a call for submissions for an upcoming anthology, and I wanted those who have interest, get a shot at it. Send them your best work, and hopefully you will be rewarded with a reserved spot in the editor’s heart. Okay, enough from me today, I need to get back to resting, so I can finish my upcoming release, Cupid’s Kill!  I will post a little this weekend from my current digital release, so stay tuned and remember…Death is only a click away!

Here’s the deets on the submission!

Cold Moon Press is excited to
announce guidelines for the first volume of their annual anthology, Walking
Down the Sky.

The Fun Stuff

Volume One (to be subtitled later)
will focus on the full moon as viewed by other cultures, such as the Cold Moon
in December (or January, depending which culture you explore). What would happen
in your story during Hungry Ghost Moon? Who would your main character meet
during the Moon of Winds? (If you need help getting started, use your search
engine to find “full moon names,” and you’ll find plenty of ideas!). Poetry and
art submissions should also incorporate this theme.

We want stories for each month of
the year, and one bonus story, for a total of 13 titles. We prefer urban
fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, and horror. While the tone of this anthology
is dark (and we are ok with not-so-happy endings), we are trying to keep this
rated PG-13. Therefore, work that is explicitly sexual or violent would be best
suited for a different publication.

Note: If your story is exceptional
and we have already filled the space for the month you are exploring, we may
still be interested in publication. We are opening a short story line for the
press this fall. Your work may be considered for this. More details will be
available soon!

Last few “official” days to submit to our anthology to meet our deadline of October 1.

A Day In History.

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I have been on a brief hiatus for several weeks, and hope to return next Sunday to unveil my latest creation, Forsaken. But today, while I have a few minutes, I wanted to  give a shout-out to everyone who responded, and gave all they had on that fateful day ten years ago. I also wanted to recognize ALL men and women in uniform, who serve in various roles, whether it be, military, law enforcement, fire personnel, emergency ambulance services, or other supporting occupations. The resolve of the people in this great country has always been its strong point, regardless of whatever the circumstances were. I want all of you out there who take time to read this, to take time out this morning and have a moment of silence to remember our brothers and sisters, because in the end, that’s what we all are…brothers and sisters…

I will see you all next week.

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