Happy B-day Cold Moon Press!

Hello, fans and friends! Check out the B-day post from my publisher! I can’t belive it’s been a whole year myself, but indeed it has.

The First Birthday
of Cold Moon Press

If I had to, I couldn’t pick an exact date that Cold Moon
Press began. Was it the day we held the first book in our hands? Or the day that
Jeff submitted his manuscript to me, and I thought, Hey! We’ve got something
Or was it before that, when I was writing our business plan and
dreaming about who we were capable of becoming? None of those dates are right,
yet none of them are wrong. The truth is, I’d been dreaming about doing this for
so long that it had become part of me, the lines of time blurring enough that we

We didn’t celebrate our opening. Too much was happening
too quickly. But I do want to pick a moment to take a breath and say yes, it’s
been a year. A wonderful, beautifully hectic year. So I’m picking our first
anniversary to be celebrated on October 31. Not only is it a fun day—my favorite
of the year—but it is also the day our first contract was drafted on our first
piece of Cold Moon Press stationary, complete with the logo Vonnie designed. I
mean, we were official. It was written right there in black and

I wanted this post to be a humorous list of the things I
have learned over the last year, but instead, it feels right to just say thank
you. To my sounding boards (you know who you are) who listen to my ramblings and
day dreams and help me develop game plans. To the authors, who have placed a
great deal of trust in this venture and who have been working their…err…back
covers off to market and promote our team, who’ve graciously adopted our motto,
“What’s good for one of us is good for all of us.” To all of our
families and friends who have been supportive. To the professional and
convention venues, brick-and-mortar stores, and websites who have hosted Cold
Moon Press and the authors. And to each and every person who have come to see us
read or speak, who’ve read our blogs, and who may have (thankfully) purchased
our books.

So, to express our appreciation, I’d like to give one of
you part of us. Leave a comment on this blog
post or on our Facebook page from now until the end of October, and you go into
a drawing to get print copies of the books we currently have in print (or a copy
of the e-book, if you prefer something for your e-reader). Good luck. And thanks.

Remember…death is only a click away!

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