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To Write…or not to Write!

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Now, there’s  a thought for you. I started writing in my teens, and for the most part, during those few years, it was a staple of my daily ritual. I would get up in the morning, have a quick protein drink (Yes, I started drinking those at early age, too), head off to school, and sit through a few doldrum classes (I can’t remember to this day what they were). I would start to get excited when it came time for my study hall period. That’s when I pulled out the pen and paper and began to create my stories. Each selection would be unique and range in genre from sci-fi to thrillers. If I wasn’t saving the galaxy or taking down criminals, the day wasn’tcomplete.

But somewhere between the age of seventeen and thirty-seven (uh oh…I’m dating myself now), my daily journey with right-brain activities became less and less, and then, for the most part, nonexistent. Well, to this day, I believe a large part of me was lost. Several times during those years, I would sometimes get the nerve to sit at the pc and start typing a story…only never finishing it.

After a work related injury, I vowed to re-ignite my hunger for writing. I set small goals for myself and, without much difficulty, surpassed them. Soon, I had finished my first novel, and to be honest, the publication of it wasn’t my only agenda. The reality was this: the ability to create was never lost, just sidetracked.  After such a layoff, I knew writing was a part of me, and that would never disappear.  For me, to write, is a option…I don’t have. Next week I’m going to talk about how to create the blurb for the back cover of my novels, and short stories. Until then, always remember…death is only a click away.


New Years Resolutions?

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Today, let’s talk about our New Year resolutions. I will share what I have envisioned to be my most eager to accomplish. (No, I’m not listing all of them. Lol.)

1. First and foremost, is to complete my two-part digital release, Cupid’s Kill! The first installment is in the publisher’s hot hands, and a cover is forthcoming…soon

2. My next full length novel, Weaving Evil seems to elude its completion. I have made a conscious effort to get it out to you fans and friends within six months. ( promise no more procrastinating… 🙂

3. At the end of last year, I came up with a terrifying plot line for my first Horror novel, which I have entitled Reigning Blood. I will say this: If you enjoy paranormal horror, this will be for you, if not, wait until my next serial killer novel, Death Map comes out. Just saying…

4. The fourth and final writing resolution I have planned, is the continuing saga of my latest digital release Forsaken. The next installment will be entitled…drumroll please! Deadly Identity.

Okay, writing down all these resolutions is making me exhausted, a short rest period, before a long year ahead I presume? Now, I have been a good sport in sharing…I ask all you fans and friends, what are your resolutions for the upcoming year? I would love to hear them…

Oh, and remember, Death is only a click away. (Could be many clicks away with all the writing I have planned.)


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