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Welcome to the “Dead Holiday”

Posted in Uncategorized on 12-7-2013 by jeffreymartinsnovels

Receiving a Christmas card from most people is supposed to invoke feelings of joy and holiday spirit. However, one couple has decided a card from them marks you for death…
Ryan Hempstead and Astor Chesley formerly worked for retail conglomerate Plaxton’s Superstores. They conspire to hold select employees and even a few customers captive as they deliver their own holiday message.
Marcona Police Chief Mark Blanjm-dh-cvrkenship is finishing his Christmas Eve shopping when he is thrust into the middle of the two’s revenge. Will Blakenship be able to stop the rampage, or will he be a victim of this Dead Holiday?

Hello again, fans and friends! A quick e-book short to satisfy your holiday reading hunger. 🙂 I know everyone is patiently awaiting the next Jeffrey Martin novel, and I promise it’s in the final stages of publication…but until then, enjoy the very first installment involving the no-nonsense and trouble magnet Mark Blankenship.

Stay safe and remember…death is only a click away. (Hint, click the cover of the book if you want the link.)

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