Forsaken…chp 4.

the great iowa book eventThe accommodations the Cutter’s Pass Police Department had prepared were neither, comfortable or spacious. Hospitality was more of an afterthought, than anything else. Steve Creighton, lead detective of the killings, had created a makeshift office located in the basement of the main police station. The building was better off served as a training aid for mutual fire departments than to house anything of value worth losing. That being said, Gelati noticed, Creighton appeared to be edgy and appeared to be upset with various staff members. He even heard the professional investigator mumble something about the lone window in the room still wasn’t high enough for all of Gelati’s ensemble to leap to their deaths, should they develop cabin fever.
Peter Bater had been watching Creighton, but waited until the investigator left, before he again brought up the man behind his back. “I don’t like this too much Gelati. Darkness is on his mind, whether it is here or somewhere else. We need the geeks to dig into him and tear his profile apart. I just don’t have a good feeling about the man.”
A serial killer with feelings. News to me. “I agree Pete, but let’s keep that to ourselves for now and move ahead with this investigation. I don’t want to scare him off. I would like to draw him in and see if he makes a mistake.” He changed the subject.”What about this dead girl? Where do you think the head disappeared to?”
“My brother, it didn’t disappear…the killer has it hidden, and may do some questionable things to it, before we see it again.”
Not going there. “So where do you think it ends up?”
Peter tapped his foot against the concrete. “The power of mutilation is intoxicating and once he tires of his new toy, the killer will probably give it back. Drop it in a ditch or alley way… but sometimes… and I mean sometimes, he may increase suffering to the remaining family, and mail it back to them.
I had to fucking ask. “Okay you’re coming in loud and clear, brother.” Gelati pointed in the direction of the two pencil necks reviewing reels of video footage. “Hey guys, let’s get someone on the parents and keep tabs on electronic shipping information for any parcels in transit their known addresses. I would prefer not to have the parents receive the girl’s head in a package.” Should have a nice juicy fingerprint or two on it.” He a flashed a disgusted look at his brother.
One of the techs nodded, scribbling on a note pad. “I’m on it. Let me run a scan on residence ownership sale of record, just maybe they have a summer home listed.”
Peter opened the window, taking in a breath of fresh air.”This feels wonderful.” He turned to Gelati. “Look for anything from three days ago and forward.”
Through the encryption of various programs, it took longer than expected, but within a few hours, progress had been made and a discovery appeared close at hand.
“Sir, I found something!” A short pudgy lab tech, with a haphazard style of groomed hair, and a larger than life name tag, looked up from his laptop and waved at Gelati.
His eyes lit up, as he motioned to Peter. “Blaine, give me some good news.”
Blaine Herbstreet pointed to a row of numbers on the screen. “Take a look at this. Here is the digital shipping info for Unified Parcel Shipping. There is a package being scanned right now at the sort location, in the city, where our victim’s parents list a second home.”
Gelati rubbed his chin. “From here?”
The techie tapped at the keyboard, as his eyes lit up with delight. “Yep, approximately three days ago.”
Gelati scrambled to the floor, sorting through the clutter of papers. He plucked one from the ground, reading with reckless abandon. “Shit, it’s here.” Tapping at it, a smile crossed his face. “Guys, the toxicology report says…time of death is somewhere between seventy-two, and ninety-six hours. No doubt that’s our package.”
* * * * *

The hum of the air conditioner struggling to provide cool relief to Detective Creighton’s two-person office wakened him from a trance-like state. Peter Bater knows something. It was obvious, especially, when the man appeared to catch him smiling at the crime scene. Fuck me. The killer, part-time psychic investigator had some type of sixth sense, and may have to be dealt with. Creighton had gotten quite used to his extracurricular hobby, and wasn’t ready to retire, due to some wacko’s beady-eyed stare. He shuffled through stacks of crime photos and still needed to finish up with the narrative follow-up note on his latest victim. Don’t give too much away.
The door to the office flew open, as his co-worker, Detective Nicole Hollison burst through with an armful of plastic bags. “Hey, a little help here?” Silky red bangs covered her face. Nicole was a former model for a national tanning chain. After developing skin cancer, she decided another line of work was forthcoming. Several years in patrol, finally landed her a desk next to the department’s lead investigator.
Creighton pushed his massive frame away from the desk, and grabbed one of the bags. “How much food did you get?”
Nicole flashed a crooked smile. “Enough for us and your new friends.” She placed the bags on the desk, as she flipped away the hair from eyes.
Wonder why we never? “Just wonderful. The sooner we solve this, the quicker those guys can get back to whatever it is the hell they do.” Creighton ripped through the plastic.
Leaning in, Nicole winked at him. “Aw, the boss give you the Obi-wan we need their help crapolla?”
Creighton shook his head. “Of course. What else?”
Nicole folded her arms. “It’s crazy, a private organization and not the feds?
“No, shit! Don’t get me started.”
Nicole handed him one of the bags. “Well, go make nice and give those boys some food.”
I should shove it down Peter Bater’s throat. “Okay, I’m going-“
Nicole grabbed his arm. “I will come with you.”
Walking out the door almost proved to be hazardous, as the Police Chief, almost knocked them over. “Get your team together… another victim found in the woods.”
Nice, somebody found the slut. Creighton nodded. “Gotcha, do they know who it is?”
Walt Prescott wiped at his brow. “Local wildlife appears to have taken a toll on the body, so, no identification as of yet.”
Creighton tried not to smile. I can tell you, only cost you some blood. “I will grab Gelati’s team and head out.
Walt Prescott was known for his strong demeanor, even when the shit hit the fan, a blank expression was the standard. Today though was different; a look of sadness filled his face. “Steve, if you could get that Peter Bater to tell you something about this guy, do it. No more deaths Steve…no more.”
Creighton bit his lip, trying to mimic some of Walt Prescott’s emotions. “I won’t disappoint you.”
Chief Prescott gently touched his shoulder, as he walked away. I do hate being touched. Creighton waited until he was out of sight, before descending the stairwell. Placing an ear against the door of the temporary office belonging to Gelati and his merry men of mayhem, Creighton heard his killer counterpart talking with the team members, about someone in particular. Creighton’s eyes narrowed; his face reddened. The someone, Peter Bater was referring to…was him.

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