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“Weaving Evil”

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The time for a “new” adventure is close to being unveiled and I wanted to reach out and thank all of the fans for your patience and loyalty. Sometimes, fate steps in and creates adversity which diverts the course of a strategically planned writing Utopia. I’m hopeful within the next few weeks, this “work” is worth the wait. Without further ado…the back cover blurb is upon us. (Remember…death is only a click away.”WeavingThumbnail

A tapestry of silk ends it all

Vengeance is the itinerary of a woman obsessed by her past. Vanessa Servais utilizes a myriad of chemical compounds with the most unique of delivery systems, as she quenches her thirst for blood.

Riverside Detective Kelli Jordan discovers the discarded body of a Jane Doe, who appears to lack one essential element regarding her death. This leads Detective Jordan to consult quirky but brilliant medical examiner: Martin Dankes, who verifies the cause of the woman’s death, are both intriguing and terrifying.

As the body count rises, Detective Jordan uncovers the evidence to unravel the killer’s deadly web, but Vanessa Servais has other plans and soon she will be gone…forever.

Will Detective Jordan arrive in time to bring the sadistic woman to justice or is this just the beginning to a new brand of serial killer?

Only time will tell


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