Red, White & Blood

Red, White & Blood

Independence Day in Marcona has just turned deadly. A crazed bomber has decided to terrorize all in his path, and he won’t stop until his revenge is complete.

Chief of Police Mark Blankenship and his daughter are unexpected targets of the attack, and they find themselves in a struggle for survival. He soon discovers if he doesn’t find the location of the devices or the man himself, all will be lost.

Will Blankenship be able to save the people of the city and disable the weapons of mass destruction…or will the trail of bloodshed include him and everything he loves?

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What readers are saying about Red, White & Blood:

“I enjoy a good story that has things blow up and have a lot of pent up hostility. The is a simple tale, but Jeffrey Martin infuses it with plenty of zest and gusto. We get to follow Mark Blankenship and his cohorts as they try to thwart the efforts of the mad bomber from exacting his revenge and creating too much carnage. Emotion, the human condition, good descriptive ability, and a complete story told in a very small and concise word count is what Red ,White and Blood has awaiting you.” ~Giovanni G.

“Your Words Explode out of that novel.  I will want to read everything you have available. Keep writing !” ~Judy M.

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