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A Great Event at Beaverdale Books!

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Many, many thanks to the great staff and my wonderful friends and fans who came out to the signing at Beaverdale Books last weekend! I signed a bunch of books, met some new people, and had a few pics taken (see below).  If you missed this even, make sure you visit Beaverdale Books, and come to my next signing at the Eldora Public Library on February12.


A Pic From Signing at Beaverdale Books!

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Which Scares You The Most?

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In my books, I explore the fears that many people have. And yes, sometimes they are things that go bump in the night, but often, the fear in my stories comes from very real people placing others in horrific situations. Here are a few samples. Read through them, then vote at the end on my reader poll.


Cindy finished off her drink, exiting in the direction of the master bath. After pulling open the ivory curtain, she turned on the water. Time for a little more wine. Cindy rushed down the stairs, grabbing the bottle from the table. On her way back up, she realized she couldn’t hear the water running. She stopped at the top of the stairs. Was Mark here and playing games with her?

Bravery set in as she stormed the master bath. Nothing. What’s going on? “Hey, Mark, if you’re in here, I’m going to kick your ass.”

By entering the bathroom, Cindy cut out any opportunity for escape. The dark, masked figure slipped out from her bedroom and was just a feet feet from the bathroom doorway, hidden in the shadows.

Deadly Demented

Brian Jeffers rushed for the sedan with his weapon at the ready. Why would this man be here if he wasn’t trying to kill the rest of my family? This has to be the guy. He dove for the ground as a ring of gunfire cut through the bitter cold. The barrage of metal seemed to last forever, but in reality, it was just seconds. Brian Jeffers didn’t feel the two rounds that penetrated his uniform or the path each made when they struck the tactical vest. He drifted into the darkness, where a peaceful sleep awaited him.

Lucifer’s Calling

Lucifer saw Tamia Stevens exit her vehicle and walk within five feet of where the alcove had him hidden. He could smell the strong, luxurious odor of her perfume as she walked by him and up to lock her door. He watched as she placed her house key ito the door lock and began opening the door. Before she realized something was wrong, Lucifer was on her from behind, pushing her farther into the residence. He kicked the door shut with his back foot, slamming it, ending the model’s hopes of ever leaving again.

Book Signing January 29!

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In the Des Moines area? Meet me for an author signing of my latest novel, 3:16, at Beaverdale Books! I will be there beginning at 1:00 p.m…hope to see you there.

Want more info or need directions? Visit the announcement in the Des Moines Register.

Happy New Year Fans and Friends!

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It hardly seems this year is about to end, but indeed that is the case. I wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has filled their days and sometimes  their nights (Hehe) with reading my novels,  short stories, and visiting my site on a weekly basis. You truly are loyal fans and friends. Your excitement to read my work keeps my motivation to create at  its highest peak.

This year has been bountiful, and not just with the recent publications but also in my personal life. I have healthy children and a loving wife who continue to support my vision and understand why writing is so important to me. I also have to send kudos out to my new relationship with Cold Moon Press. Our goals almost seemed to mirror each other, and I know through time–and hard work–success is sure to find us.

Okay, before I get too teary-eyed (lol… yeah, like that’s going to happen), I will just end this with a few thoughts to everyone out there. 1.) Always follow your dreams.  2.) Never let anyone tell you something’s impossible. 3.) Live your life like there’s no tomorrow…because one of these days, there won’t be…

Happy New Year and stay safe this Holiday Season… (Yes, a mini public service announcement.)

Favorite Christmas Present I ever Received (Part 2)

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Now, I ripped through the cardboard and shoveled aside the compliment of pink and blue tissue paper, only to have my eyes make contact with another cardboard box… (Are you freaking kidding me?) I took another deep breath, as I scanned to my left and then to my right.  A look of relief filled my face, knowing the other children in the room were more than satisfied with their haul. Santa appeared to come through for them. Why not me? I sat motionless, trying to recall if my behavior during the year had been tarnished in any way. Besides a few cases of HUA, I figured I had more “nice” than “naughty’ on my list. 

Crap. I had a flashback to one moment in particular, not one of my shining moments of the year. Did Santa see me superglue the pop can to the shopping mall floor? I thought it was funny at first, but now, this juvenile prank could cost me the largest of the Star Wars toys ever to be created.  I couldn’t go on, I just couldn’t…

I withdrew my hands from the cardboard and folded them across my chest. My mother was sitting across the room, noticing my silent protest. She called my name and urged me to continue opening the gift. This reassurance finally pushed me onward. I stared at the second square of cardboard. (It was much smaller, and surely the mighty Death Star dimensions would never fit into these measly confines.) My hands started to shake, and beads of sweat dripped from my brow. All of my preparation and persuasion these last few months could all be for naught.

I took one final breath, rubbed my small hands together, and tore at the box like a boy possessed. Within a few seconds, I was face to face with the logo of George Lucas’s wonderful creation. I grabbed the box, and it was much lighter than I thought. (What the heck?)  This was the almighty Death Star? It couldn’t be, not at all. The commercials showed the toy was humongous, and ten times the size of this.  I yelled to my mother  that Santa had pulled a fast one on me, and I got the blue-light special Death Star.

She walked over to me, and knelt down next to me and said, “Jeffy, you have to put it together. I promise Santa got the right thing.” She winked at me, as I wonder even to this day what that meant. (Hehe.)

I let my worrying pass, and within a few hours, the assembly  of the Death Star was complete. (I never figured out where every sticker went though.) And I will tell you one more thing.  Mom was right, the toy was so large, I didn’t have room for it under my bed. (All of super cool toys went under there.) This truly was the best Christmas present I ever received.

You know, I wonder what ever happened to it, now that I think of it…lol.

Favorite Christmas Present I Ever Received

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Today, I will share some secret squirrel 411 with you about the ultimate Xmas present I ever, ever,  EVER laid my eyes on… until this year of course… hehe.  The mere mentioning of it still brings a smile so wide, my facial muscles feel like they will never relax.

I was eight years old and remember having my mind brainwashed to accommodate only that which was Star Wars…(Damn, I wish I still had all those little figures.)  The big toy on my list was Darth Vader’s awesome Death Star. I made not-so-subtle hints to my mother for approximately six months prior. I was certain my Jedi mind tricks had prevailed without a hitch what-so-ever. (Boy was I wrong.)

So, let’s skip forward to Christmas Eve, as we are conducting our mandatory appearance at the in-laws residence, who I only saw a few times a year. (Enough said.) My brother and I were allowed to open our presents from those in-laws, which usually consisted of  itchy holiday sweaters and socks. But it was customary to try on everything, and without fail, pictures of the event would come to surface and the humiliation would ensue.

So, along with the clothing, there was always one present which was labeled “from Santa.” I was standing in line waiting in anticipation for my turn as name after name was called. I watched as everyone was ripping the cornucopia of holiday wrap aside and squealing with delight as they realized their dreams were turned into reality.  My name was finally called, and I grasped the large box in my hands like there was no tomorrow. I made quick work of the silver foil, taking a breath before I continued.  I eased open the cardboard and I saw something I didn’t expect… (Oh, I forgot to mention, part 2 of the story next week…) Hehe…

But this week, I hope to make someone else Christmas VERY merry. Elly S., you are the winner of the iPod Touch from the Scavenger Hunt. Thank you all so much for playing!