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Forsaken, Chp 2…

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the great iowa book event“Hello, what is it?”
“Mr. Gelati, this is Anwar from the Technology department. Sir, you have an incoming call from one of your brothers.”
“Okay, which one wants money? It better not be Peter… I’m still paying for his pet therapy program.”
“Ah sir, it is Mr. Bater… sorry.”
Freaking wonderful! “No way, are you sure? Damn, send it through.”
”Gelati’s Scoop investigations, this is Gelati how can I help you?” Why not be nice? Could be a prank caller.
A nasal sounding voice filled the small earpiece. “Hello, my dearest brother. It’s Peter.”
Why couldn’t it be a telemarketer? “Okay, it’s been a while. Is this really you? I thought you were in solitary?”
“I occasionally find myself there.” Anyhow, yes, hmm… how do you know it’s me? I will play your game. Well, the last slut I killed was the splitting image of our mother. I wish she was still around… would love to get my hands on her—“
Gelati raised a hand to the phone. “Enough! I believe it’s you.”One sick bastard.”
“Why do you think I get daily treatments of electricity coursing through my veins? Look… the reason I called is, I missed my big brother, and needed some airwaves alone with you.
Why me? “Have they lowered your meds or have you just not taken them?”
“Not the issue. I have been on them, and I’m doing as well… you know…”
As pathetic killers can do? Gelati switched from sarcasm to compassion. “What’s really going on?”
Peter sighed. “Well, the doctor I spoke to today, showed me a newspaper. They are trying to keep me in touch with reality. For reasons, I have no clue… nor care” He paused. “But dear brother, I do have a tip for you though. A serial killer is loose somewhere close to you… and I am the one you need to catch him.”
One creepy guy. “How do you know that? I just got a call today asking for a consult with rural law enforcement.” He raised his voice. “Is there something else you aren’t telling? Why would your doctor all of a sudden just show you a newspaper? I sense psychotic episodes on the horizon.”
“You know me so well.”
“It wasn’t your doctor, who showed you the paper was it?”
Peter cackled. “Aw, let’s just say… the person that contacted you, made special considerations to have me in on the party, as well.” I have certain talents that you lack, so they inquired on a profile of the killer… of which, I have started to build.”
“And I thought you were just wasting away, constructing license plates for crotch rockets.”
Peter mimicked the sarcasm. “You would be surprised what I offer. Gelati heard the shuffling of papers in the background. “Hmm, dear brother… according to these pics of his handiwork, he enjoys blood…and when I say enjoy… I mean, he likes the feel of it all over his flesh. Probably even may sample some of it.”
That destroyed my appetite for the next few years. “I don’t have the pictures you apparently do.”
“No. You most certainly do not.” An eerie silence hovered over the line for several seconds. “You know what would be entertaining?”
The gas chamber? “If you could compare notes with slasher boy?”
“Touché, but no… What would be absolute divine was… if I was to come up to Cutter’s Pass, meet your savvy team of geeks and freaks, and offer you some insight.”
Damn guy, even knew where we were going. “You, free on the streets? I don’t know if I could live with myself, if you decided to play Son of Satan.”
“You could keep me under close watch. Promise, I would be a very obedient guest.”
Peter was a great profiler… never been obedient at anything though. Let me see what I can come up with. I will let you know in twelve hours.”
“Ah, dear brother. Just like when we were kids.”
Gelati wanted to end the call. He could only take so much of Peter. “Okay I will talk to your administrator; I’ll see what I can do. In the mean time, I need to check out this latest crime scene and get the technical team to film it.”
“Cool, why don’t’ you call Harold and Bartholomew in on this too, we may need the contingency of the family.”
Ah, the Brothers Grimm incarnate. Maybe, Harold may want in if we need him, but Bartholomew is unavailable for the next 3-5 years. Too many robberies ended his current freedom status.”
If this happens, I have to watch Peter real close… close indeed.
* * *
Providence Avenue was located on the southern edge of Cutter’s Pass, in an area; most of the city’s generous population would consider upscale. The majority of the architecture was modern, as each was accompanied with the necessary Mercedes and matching cookie cutter lawn. The lack of any uniqueness bordered on the edge of criminal. Reports of another murder, especially in this area, had onlookers filling the streets, itching to get a glimpse of the dead body. They were armed with smart phones and cameras, poised to get visual evidence, before the coroner carted it away. The local media had systematically joined in, not wanting to be second fiddle to the amateurs. KRRT had even set up a tented headquarters, and were aggressively seeking reaction from whoever they came in contact with.
The vultures smell blood. Detective Steve Creighton shook his head, as he pulled in behind the powdered blue patrol car. A uniformed officer, mid-twenties, and pale-skinned noticed him and pointed in the direction of the two responding officers.
Creighton disgustedly stared at the crowd. Pathetic, simply pathetic. His thoughts were interrupted by the soft voice of a shapely uniformed woman in her mid-thirties. Amanda Davis…
“Sir, the woman has been there for a few days…decomposing quickly.” She handed him a barrier mask and a set of latex gloves. “Cody is inside…with her.”
Amanda, nice dirty blonde. Maybe one day… “Officer Davis, who called it in?”
She wiped at her brow. “Nobody. One of her college girlfriends stopped over and…found her like this.”
Good, nobody saw me. “How about her parents?”
“The girlfriend says they are in Nappa Valley for three weeks. No other relatives in the area though.”
“I see, let’s take a look.”
Officer Davis led him to the steps of a three-story brick home. It was lined with large stained glass windows. The front door was constructed of cherry wood, and the knocker which normally would be made of brass, was entirely ivory. Off to the right, was a spiral staircase. Officer Davis pointed. “It’s the first door on the left.” Detective Creighton put a hand on her shoulder; an act of emotion, he usually never expressed. She remained behind, to assist the other uniforms in crowd control. When he reached the landing, the smell of spilled blood, and death assaulted his senses. It was fortunate for him, he was wearing the barrier mask, or everyone in the room would have noticed his inappropriate smile, and this more than likely, would have stirred up possible suspicion, not to mention a visit to the department’s crack psychologist. Focus, this is your crime scene. Clearing his throat, the room snapped to attention. The tall tanned surf guru turned cop, Cody Belz, approached him. “Hey, sir, this is one fucked up dealio.” Officer Belz cringed. “Sorry, slipped.”
Creighton waved him off. “No worries. What have we got?”
Officer Belz escorted him to a behemoth of a walk-in closet. The racks of designer clothes upstaged even the most prestigious vendors within a three state region. Creighton glared at the attire. Spoiled girl got what she deserved. The closet appeared to be larger than he remembered; he was becoming excited as Officer Belz pulled away several layers of clothing, exposing the naked headless body of Jessica Gorman.
Officer Belz turned away. “He took the head.”
Creighton tried to look surprised. “What in the fuck would he want with it?” The delivery service has it… hehe. “A collector maybe, sir?” Officer Belz cleared his throat.
“Makes sense, but if our guy killed her here, there should be more blood?
Officer Belz cocked his head. “You don’t think it happened here?”
“No, there’s another crime scene, and we need to find it.” Creighton bent down, inspecting the body. The piece of white thin paper was sitting at the feet of Jessica Gorman. Reaching into his jacket pocket, he pulled out a medium sized plastic baggie. “You see the writing here?” Creighton pointed to the signature.
Officer Belz leaned in. “Yes, this is the second one this month. Why sign it Forsaken?”
Can’t tell you all my secrets. “Your guess is good as mine-“A tap on his shoulder, forced him to whirl in the direction of the annoyance.
Officer Amanda Davis thrust a cell phone in his direction. “It’s the Chief. He needs to speak with you immediately.”

Chapter 1 of Weaving Evil

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Tapestry of Silk


Today, I found an old friend. Death is his name, with pain and suffering accompanying him as comfortable roommates. Vanessa Servais read the newly written words over and over, until tears flooded her eyes. She adjusted her glasses, and brushed away the silky red hair, that her mother, if she were alive, would insist had grown way too long. The late Alexis Servais most likely would have also made less than flattering comments regarding her daughter’s current choice to wear non-fashionable eyewear, especially, with state of the art surgical procedures available to correct such a deficiency. That’s how Alexis had always treated her. A fucking deficiency.  The matriarch and elite socialite didn’t voice her disdain for the only child in an open forum, but distant behavior, excessive alcohol consumption, and numerous adulterous encounters, were strong indicators, the woman who had everything, was not satisfied with the life choices she had made. Opportunity to persecute and demean Vanessa appeared to be frequent on her agenda, especially, after the Servais family had learned, Vanessa’s father, Ripley Servais had developed a cancerous tumor, which all medical consults determined, was inoperable. Discussion between the family on the topic had been sparse, and the tragedy that was soon to befall, even catapulted Alexis’ unscrupulous behavior further. A few weeks before his rapid decline, Ripley Servais presented his only daughter with this journal. A short time later, it was the only piece of her father, or anyone for that matter, whoever cared about her that was left.

Enough down memory lane. Closing the worn journal, she scanned the small apartment, for signs her secret world had been invaded by people, who wouldn’t understand… couldn’t understand.  Satisfied her solitude was intact; she secured the gold-plated hasp locking device. She ran her fingers along the smooth leather, cherishing this gift. A girlish smile crossed her lips, as she gazed at the gold lettering that still managed to emerge through. The Keeper of Secrets was first used, to haphazardly scribble down her fantasies about teenage boys she would have casual conversations with, but was much too shy to ever act on. Since those awkward years, Vanessa had grown into a voluptuous scholar, who experimented with her compliment of relationships, which usually ended up in failure. But she never gave up hope, and continued to jot down a note or two in her journal, for future references, hoping to create a roadmap to find the right mate. Her undergraduate studies at Ohio State found her more focused in the field of entomology, and less concerned with romantic involvements… except one. The passion for work led her to the west coast, involving her more with the bio-chemistry side of the field. As Vanessa’s  post-graduate years passed, visible cynicism crept in, and the journal writings became less and less about dreams of love and being loved, and shifted focus on pain and little tolerance for the human species, in any form…

Vanessa clutched the journal to her chest, as she hurried through the small apartment, only stopping when she reached her destination. The tidy but featureless kitchen housed the standard appliances and furnishings most would have in their residences, except perhaps the door to any pantry they may own, probably didn’t have two industrial sized padlocks keeping safe haven on their staple of Ramen Noodles and Pure Cane sugar from Hawaii. Vanessa reached at her neck, as she removed a gold chain from underneath her blouse. Two metallic colored keys, approximately the same size and shape, were positioned at the end of the chain, and within seconds, found their purpose rotating the tumblers in the heavy locks. She was careful in removing them, almost quiet even, as not to disturb what lay behind the private entry.

Stepping through, darkness swallowed her; she was momentarily frightened. Even though this was her Utopia, the unknown and unseen, especially in this place, would terrify anyone. She reached high above her head, until she located the switch, which quickly put a fluorescent hue upon the interior. My little angels. Her eyes lit up with joy, as she stashed the journal in a man-made cement crevice just inside the doorway. Gazing upon the packed shelves, Vanessa’s breath started to quicken. She smiled. “Did you miss me today? I certainly missed you!” A movement to her right caused her to smile in earnest. “Maxine, you must need some TLC. Come to mommy.” The tall red-head placed both hands around a glass container and removed it from the middle shelf. Careful not to take a misstep and damage the precious cargo, she placed it on a medium sized oval shaped table located in the center of the room. Vanessa gazed at the assortment of colorful foliage, as she mindfully tapped at the glass, trying to gain the attention of the sole inhabitant. “Maxine, time to work…don’t be shy.” At first, the consistent reverberation of Vanessa’s fingertips against Maxine’s temporary home was a mere disruption in the resident’s daily regimen. This was her world. The Queen ruled her Kingdom with a lack of forgiveness. All of her visitors, ended up in a tapestry of silk, only to be drained of their life juices and digested, so she could maintain her beauty and strength.

Vanessa’s efforts finally aroused the female creature to emerge from her shelter. My perfect girl. Vanessa’s face beamed with delight, as she removed the tin lid. She turned back to the rows of shelves, again choosing another container, identical only in description. A quick turn of the cover, unveiled several wrapped medical syringes. She plucked one from the group, and closed the container. Vanessa returned to the table, realizing Maxine was now making a full appearance to her public. The carnivore’s sleek dark body glistened, as her eight thin, but agile legs, glided her along the verdant floor of the glass. Her abdomen was highlighted with a colorful birthmark, which doubled as an identifier; one which could entice fear, intense pain, and sometimes even cause her victims to have a rendezvous with the afterlife. The bright hourglass design was the reason Vanessa had chosen her; a most important role in the demented world Vanessa was about to create.

The redhead removed the syringe from its package, slowly lowering it into the cylinder. The creature realized its’ home had been invaded, and tried to scurry to shelter, but her feeble attempts resulted in absolute failure. Vanessa’s steady hand guided the sharp steel into the depths of Maxine’s flesh, piercing the sweet spot, relieving the creature of her special elixir. Vanessa’s lips formed a devilish grin, as the clear cap of the medical instrument was quickly filled. She was careful not to remove the needle with recklessness; hopefully repeated use would be on the menu. Speaking of menu. She capped the needle, watching as Maxine didn’t waste time retreating to a safe haven under the foliage. “Thank you Maxine. I have a special treat for you.” Excited, Vanessa stored the syringe in the small fridge in the pantry. Returning to the row of shelves, she removed one more container. This one didn’t follow the cookie cutter model of the others. It had two major differences. One, it was square in shape, and secondly, the glass was more opaque than all of the others she used to house her guests. She reached inside, and removed the lone occupant. The tan eight legged arachnid sported many of the characteristics of his female complement, He even possessed the faint unique birthmark the species shared. But the male black widow was rather harmless and for that matter, helpless when compared to his female counterpart and this difference alone would soon cost him dearly. Vanessa slid the new guest into the Queen’s container, and admired how expedient Maxine responded to her mate. A ghoulish grin filled her face. A tapestry of silk ends it all!

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone!

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Many people read my work expecting a mass of intriguing crime scenes, that almost tip the scale when it comes to blood and gore! I love creating these works, but I recently asked myself if this was the only type of writing I could accomplish?
Now, several weeks later, I realize, if I intend to become a author worth his salt, I need to expand my horizons and work on material which propels me from my little comfort zone I have established. I have started this process with research from a novel coming in 2014, entitled, Saviour from the Grave. This story you might classify as paranormal/horror, which may not seem to break my stronghold away from the bloodlust, but it does start me in another direction and hopefully more fans are receptive to this. I promise you, the serial killer tales will still be there, but there will also be some, that just might touch your heart. (Yes, just a little hallmark.) I always envisioned my writing having multiple phases, and within each phase comes new challenges. Each will be answered in due time and I hope all of you stay around to watch! Well, time to finish the second installment of Cupid’s Kill, which will knock your socks off. Hehe!

Until next time…remember, death is only a click away!

Writing the Back-Cover Blurb Part 1. (The Hook)

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Welcome, friends and fans! Today I wanted to speak with you about creating the back cover blurb for your potential novel, novella, short story, etc…Your current fully edited WIP, (work-in progress, just in case some of you don’t know. 😉 is all but ready to be e-mailed to your literary agent or publisher, and all that remains, is the three to four paragraphs describing your 400 page masterpiece. Now, some authors stress out thinking about this synopsis of sorts, but I’m here to tell you, “Take a few deep breaths and a nice beverage…and relax.”  Remember, you just finished a beautiful story. Time to complete the process and entice the readers (like you did the whole time you were creating.)

The first key is develop a “hook”, to draw people to your work. The “hook” is going to be similar to the one you created when sending out those fifty something query letters. (Maybe more like 100…just saying.) The first several words need to be your best. (just my opinion.) Example:for my debut novel, Lucifer’s Calling, the first sentence draws my readers in. “A paralyzing prescription is recipe for creating one man’s art.” Now, the key words that leap off the page are: paralyzing, prescription, and recipe.  Does that make sense to most of you so far? (Duh, a rhetorical question…indeed.) Words are powerful, and using them in a manner which makes people really think, will reward both  you and your audience. Okay, so there is your juicy tidbit dangling in front of potential readers. They want to know!.

Now, in the last few weeks, I just released the first installment of my two-part novella, Cupid’s Kill. I followed the same pattern on this work, as I did from my debut release years ago. The goal of your blurb/mini synopsis is to immediately grab the attention of your readers or others, who may be scrolling through Amazon or B&N looking for one of their favorite authors. All of a sudden, they happen to see a book cover (Hopefully you have an appealing one.) along the bottom of the screen that catches their eye. Next, they happen to click on it and read the blurb/synopsis. You may receive unexpected readers because of what that first blurb says. So it’s important for us to have key words in our blurb/synopsis which will propel your opportunity for even more sales.  Let’s try a little experiment…if you writers out there would like to throw your opening sentence of your blurb at us, we will put them on next week’s blog and share them with our fans. The audience can tell us, what they like and what draws them to each blurb, or what doesn’t. (We don’t want that to happen.)  Let’s have some fun with this, and hopefully we can help each other to make the blurb creation process for our works something we all can enjoy.  Enough said…until next week, remember…death is only a click away!

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