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Happy New Year Fans and Friends!

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It hardly seems this year is about to end, but indeed that is the case. I wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has filled their days and sometimes  their nights (Hehe) with reading my novels,  short stories, and visiting my site on a weekly basis. You truly are loyal fans and friends. Your excitement to read my work keeps my motivation to create at  its highest peak.

This year has been bountiful, and not just with the recent publications but also in my personal life. I have healthy children and a loving wife who continue to support my vision and understand why writing is so important to me. I also have to send kudos out to my new relationship with Cold Moon Press. Our goals almost seemed to mirror each other, and I know through time–and hard work–success is sure to find us.

Okay, before I get too teary-eyed (lol… yeah, like that’s going to happen), I will just end this with a few thoughts to everyone out there. 1.) Always follow your dreams.  2.) Never let anyone tell you something’s impossible. 3.) Live your life like there’s no tomorrow…because one of these days, there won’t be…

Happy New Year and stay safe this Holiday Season… (Yes, a mini public service announcement.)