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Questions I’m Most Frequently Asked About My Writing!

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jm_author_photo_recent_051509_8areWell, any day now, I will receive the edited work of my next release and I’m excited to discuss my story with readers, both in groups and individually. With that in mind, I thought about the questions I am most frequently asked and thought it might be fun to share my responses with you.

What inspires your stories?

I see dead people…haha. The amount of crime-based television programming that is available for your viewing pleasure is without a doubt, plentiful. But I have a strong belief may fans should have stories which aren’t the cookie cutter variety. I’m inspired to create something different, which will hopefully push the envelope with my work, and I think if the author challenges himself, readers will feel they have been entertained.

Your bio says you have use a strong law enforcement platform for your work. How? What part of your job is specifically helpful?
My personal knowledge with investigations and ability to process crime scenes come into play here. Most writers don’t get the chance to be involved with this process. I think bringing this type of skill set to the table projects integrity into the storylines and gives my readers something to think about as they flip through the pages.

You’re a federal law enforcement officer and write about serial killers?
Yes, I enjoy creating my characters to possess unmitigated evil, but be rest assured all of protagonists/antagonists also have a complex psychological side to them. I like to know why people become the way they do. The killers in my books are aware of consequences, so they have a sense of protocol in how they carry out their sadistic agendas. But there is always a savvy protagonist there—ready to pounce—if and when they become sloppy…hehe.

Do you ever write anything else?

I plan to write a romance…okay not really, but maybe? I finished several horror/paranormal shorts, which will be coming soon in anthology form. I embrace the challenge to write in new genres, so stay tuned to my webpage to see what I’m coming up with next (

Describe your writing process (and discuss where/when/how/etc.

When I first come up with an idea for a novel, I sit down and create an outline of what I want for each chapter. I list main characters, settings, and flow of action in this brief mini synopsis. My goal is to have about 10 chapters complete before I even put words to paper. My writing is done from any location you can think of…I have a program on my phone so when I’m in a place where I want to get that idea down, I type it into my writing document and send it to myself in e-mail form. But I will tell you, there isn’t a day where I’m not engaged in writing something…

What advice would you give to a beginning writer or someone being published for the first time?

Do research on your craft. If you want to pen a story about serial killers and law enforcement, know the basis of investigation and crime scene protocol. Talk to some local agencies in your area, and find some of the more experienced investigators out there. Ask them about cases they have worked on and techniques they used.
Also, map out your goals as a writer. For example, are you writing because you want to be the next big thing on the block, and you want to make beaucoup cash? If that’s the case, you’re probably in it for the wrong reason. Write the story you want, and hone it to perfection. Don’t get caught up in the trends that run the publishing industry. With time and hard work, opportunities will come your way. Just because the first 50 queries you sent out didn’t result in anything, don’t give up. Revamp the query, and send it to 50 more agents.

What are your biggest challenges as a writer?

I think the biggest challenge in general for me is not taking the time to relax after I get a book done. I’m already thinking of the next story in line and start working right away, without just taking a few days off and being proud of my latest publication. I’m sort of a workaholic…but I’m developing a twelve-step plan to curb that in the future.

What is your favorite part of being a writer and why?

When I walk into a bookstore or event, I love when people stop and talk to me. That’s where it all comes together. They have read my work, and they enjoyed the story, so it becomes real: my work is out there. Without them, I probably would have a shelf of material in binders, as it never would have seen the light of day.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to have more novels out in publication for all you devoted fans. Next goal is to create a few intriguing screenplays, so be prepared for the crazy…

So, you all have a little insight to my demented writing Utopia, so stay tuned and always remember…death is only a click away!

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Charles Bemis Says:
07-2-2010 at 10:19
Nicely written. The answers to the above listed questions gives me an in-sight into the mindset of you the writer. I really enjoyed “Deadly Demented” and look forward to the release of your next book 3:16. Keep up the good work. BTW, the Xmas short story was great too.


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Weaving Evil, Chp 2.

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brownrecluse1Well, here it it minions! The next chapter installment of my female serial killer antagonist and her wicked ways. So without further ado, I present Weaving Evil, Chp 2… Hehe.
Remember, death is only a click away!

Chapter 2
A Victim is Chosen

The city of Riverside was home to one of the large components belonging to the University of California’s educational systems. It was approximately fifty miles from Los Angeles, home to over three hundred thousand residents, and for its size, one of the most diverse in the state. The University was breathtaking and with the UC-Bell Tower; erect at one-hundred and sixty-one feet, equipped with its’ own Carillon, some would say, it was almost magical. The music which emitted from the bells always seemed to captivate Vanessa, like the pied piper calling after his assortment of children. She smiled, as the soft tones bounced off the buildings and carried into the light wind.
Glancing down at her watch, her facial expression soon turned from happiness to one filled with anxiety. Shit, I can’t be late. Not today. She quickened her pace, cutting across the fresh manicured grass, trying to make up for valuable time lost. The experiment had taken too long this morning. The toxin hadn’t worked the way she had thought, additional extractions had to take place. Poor Maxine.
Well, if she wasn’t more prompt, Vanessa would have ample time to conduct her personal research and not have to worry about daily work requirements. Get it together. She slowed down to a brisk walk, as she approached the research laboratory. Dr. Hilson would more than likely be waiting for her, when she arrived. It was almost a compulsive disorder how he always stood at the door waiting for her, almost knowing she would… fuck up. Brushing her bangs aside, she pushed on the heavy rustic door. The grandiose metallic sign loomed heavy over her; almost criticizing her for entering its’ esteemed property. Meyer-Price Laboratory was donated to the University by two former entomologists, who had been paramount in creating state of the art bio-chemistry protocol in relation to insect pest control. They had been students of the University in the early 70’s and loved their alma mater so dearly; they repaid their professors and Dean of Education with this extraordinary structure.
Vanessa tried to soften her step, as she crossed the marble floor, but the sound of her heels brought instant ramification.
“Well, the gods themselves should be honored you decided to make an appearance this morning.” Dr. Wynn Hilson her former mentor from grad school and current research supervisor slipped out from behind a row of sculptures, which resembled various forms of arachnid and other close relatives in the insect family. He was a middle-age stout man, with thin strips of gray, highlighting his thick scraggly dark hair. Many faculty members, along with the student body would mock him, labeling him the “Mad Scientist of California.” He adjusted the stained lab coat, as he stared accusingly at his young research analyst.
Great. Vanessa bit her lip. Has to be something good. “ Sir, I was doing research on the toxins of our arachnid friends and reaction times of death with various prey. I got caught up in the time… really I did.”
Dr. Hilson tapped a finger to the side of his head. “Ah, so you’re telling me it was all in the name of Arachnology?”
No dumbshit. I’m trying to kiss your ass. She flashed him a quirky smile. “Of course. You know I live for this!”
He scuffed his foot against the floor. “If I didn’t admire your creativity, you would have been fired long ago.” He motioned towards her. “Come on we have work to complete, and…by the way, a guest is stopping by.”
“Guest?” She cocked her head.
He chuckled. “Indeed. A young lady working on her entomology dissertation.”
Better her than me. “Really, do I know this person?”
“Quite well, matter of fact.” Dr. Hilson winked.
I really don’t like surprises. “Sir, who is it?” She pouted.
He nodded. “One of your undergraduate associates from Ohio State. She is very curious to see how you have been doing here.”
Fuck, probably my replacement. Vanessa’s Ohio State days were almost a memory now. It wasn’t a particularly eye-opening chain event type of remembrance either. More like she was thankful, her interests in deadly arachnids and insects hadn’t fully developed, or there would have been a lot of deceased peers who missed their graduation. She shook her head. “I wasn’t exceptionally close to many there. Just one. Is the professor going to give me a hint?”
Dr. Hilson’s smile continued to grow. “What would be the fun in revealing anything which would give it away?”
Maybe you should be the first one I reveal myself to. She threw her hands up in resignation. “Okay, I will play along.” She pointed to the lab. “I have to get some reports done on those spider bites from last week. The Irvine campus said it was a rush deal.”
“Good idea my young analyst. I will let you know when our mutual friend arrives.”
Vanessa faked a smile. “Can’t wait!”
Fuck me
* * * * *

Several hours passed with still no signs of the mystery guest, the professor had been too eager to gloat about. Vanessa had completed her analysis of the venom samples, the Irvine laboratory had sent. Scrolling through results, she stopped, almost frozen at what stared back at her.
Holy Shit! The venom had been taken from a Brazilian Wandering Spider, which Vanessa was well aware how deadly this arachnid was touted to be. There had never been a report of this little beauty making a homestead in the states. It was most likely, the creature found its way from South America or a neighboring warm tropical climate, and now, decided to make its presence known to a female hiker in the hills outside Los Angeles County. Unlucky for her. The woman, even though she was bitten, and in shock, was still cognizant enough to capture her attacker, by placing it inside her backpack. This action assisted the medical staff to determine what course of treatment protocol was needed to keep her alive. The University was consulted on the rare find and since Vanessa was one of the only experienced and working Arachnologist in the state, it was a no-brainer to bring her in on the research. Plus, there was more than enough venom left over after testing, to spread out among her potential victims. She grabbed an empty syringe from a desk drawer, measuring out what she considered to be enough. Vanessa stashed the partially filled tube into her briefcase, as a malicious look fell upon her face. This is so perfect. Flipping through several print-outs, she removed a notebook from the front pocket of her lab coat. Vanessa started to scribble a few notes, when a metallic knock at the door, forced her to shove the pad back inside her shirt. “Just… a minute.” Straightening her coat, and a quick tease of her hair, she shot from her chair, unlocking the door.
Dr. Hilson wrinkled his nose, as he stepped through. “Hmm, a locked door, around here? You must be hiding something.”
She opened her mouth to provide a rebuttal, but her efforts were stifled, by a short attractive strawberry blond, who rushed through Dr. Hilson like he wasn’t even there, almost knocking the man to the ground. The woman wrapped her manly arms around Vanessa, treating her like a human teddy bear. “Nessa, you look wonderful luv!”
You gotta be shitting me. If the good doctor was trying to get back at her for all of her tardiness, this was definitely the right way. If there ever was a real battle between super heroines and their arch enemies, Celeste Brillings was the epitome of evil. Considering how far Vanessa had fallen down the rabbit hole that was saying a lot. Celeste was a master of deception and played the blackmail card better than most men. Sleeping your way to the top was an overused philosophy, but for Celeste it was a part of her academia. A skill that stole the only real boyfriend Vanessa ever had. Not that he was excluded the blame for his promiscuous behavior, but the peroxide, driven bitch knew how to get just what she wanted. Well at least she had added a few pounds. Vanessa forced a smile. “Celeste, you look great…too.”
Celeste released her grip. “It’s been a while, my luv. I hope you and I are past that wee-bit issue we had a few years ago?”
Nope, and where is the fake English accent shit coming from? Vanessa adjusted her glasses. “We are adults. It’s not worth bringing up.”
Celeste touched her shoulder. “Spoken like a true friend.”
Please. Vanessa shifted focus to something which truly intrigued her. “So, what brings you out to the West coast?”
Celeste glanced in the direction of Dr. Hilson. “Well, Wynn was in Columbus last year, and asked me to come out if I wanted to spend time under his wing.”
Under his wrinkly ass, you mean. Vanessa raised her eyebrows, pointing to her mentor. “Well, he is one of the best in this field. Wow, like a soap opera.
Celeste twirled her hair. “I’m hoping to learn a great deal for my dissertation.”
Vanessa eyes wandered to her briefcase. “Of course… you know what; we should grab a bite to eat while you’re here”
The silence by Dr. Hilson during the women’s interchange was finally broken. “Outstanding idea, for you two to spend some time together.”
Celeste clapped her hands, like a youth waiting approval from a parental unit. “Girl’s night is exactly what we need luv.”
Stop, no really….
“When are you heading back?” Vanessa’s brain was working at full speed, formulating something sinister.
“I’m here until Friday. I head back early on Saturday,” Celeste said, flashing her teeth.
Hmm, only Tuesday. Removing the notebook from her pocket, she flipped to a blank page. “Okay, let’s do it Thursday, if that works?” She purposely glared at Dr. Hilson, which made him noticeably uncomfortable.
“Perfect luv! Just like our dorm days.” Celeste accosted her with a follow-up hug to celebrate the reconciliation.
“Okay, I still have some work to finish, or my boss will not be pleased,” she smirked.
Dr. Hilson cleared his throat. “Yes, you attend to that… we must take our leave.” The two waved, exiting the laboratory. Vanessa, wiped at her body, trying to rid herself of the ungodly karma, Celeste had smothered upon her. She stepped over to the briefcase, removing the syringe of toxin; she had stolen from the Irvine sample. Hmm, that hiker had been lucky, Celeste wouldn’t be so fortunate. Come Friday morning, the obnoxious and self-indulgent whore would only be a memory…one that Vanessa would relish in forgetting.

Finding the Right Publisher for You Part 2.

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Ah, sequel time, boys and girls…(Everybody enjoys a good sequel…hehe!)

Today is the day, future author! The initial query letter you sent in to publisher X resulted in a request for sample pages and synopsis. A  few months later, (please pretend time-lapse for effect) the acquisitions editor asked for the full manuscript of your sparkling novel, Sacred Skin, and within a time frame not to exceed six months, you receive a phone call from Mr. Red pencil (hehe) saying, “Welcome to the family. We at publisher X would love to add you to our family of authors. We want you to review the contract we have prepared, where our author royalty percentages are above the normal industry standards!” (I always wonder how many people were polled to determine the industry standards?)

Now, my author friend, excitement fills you to the brim, and your fingers tremble , as you barely keep your sanity. I know you want to sign the contract right this minute…but take a deep breath, and S- L- O- W- down. Before you do anything, read the damn thing!

A few things to look  at…

1. What format/formats is your work going to be published in?  Mass market paperback, trade paperback, hardcover, audiobook, e-book, or some form of publication not developed yet? (Yep, many contracts have this phrase in it.) Find some other titles the publisher has released, and see if they are in the same format as yours.

2. Distribution of your work. Will the novel be listed with all the large book store/libraries/chain merchandise retail stores?  You need to scrutinize this portion of your contract very carefully and ask questions of Mr. Red pencil if you don’t understand. The more distribution you have,  the more likely your book will be seen! If Sacred Skin is only listed on publisher X’s website, this may not be the most effective way for your work to be seen.

3. Royalty payments. The contract will list a schedule of royalty payments. Sometimes it’s quarterly/semi-annually. Understand the payment schedule and don’t be afraid to inquire if you feel something doesn’t sound Kosher. It’s important the contract addresses the term royalty statements. The statements determine your sales figures for a designated time frame. Example, if your sales for six months is 5,000 copies, the statement should reflect this amount.

4. Synergy with publisher.  Hmm,  I hope…no let me rephrase that…I pray you have done research in the initial querying process to determine if publisher X is the right one for you. This can be as simple, as recognizing the kind of novels they publish. If Sacred Skin is a suspense/thriller, and publisher X has only released children’s stories, this may not be a match made in Heaven. Publishing a novel takes team work, and you want the publisher who chooses your work to love it and embrace it as you do. Does that mean you and publisher X should dance under the moonlight together making kissy-face…no, of course not (not unless you want to). BUT  IT DOES mean to have an open and  honest communication of what the partnership needs to be successful and how you work as a team to achieve that success.

Finding the right publisher takes a determined effort and committment.  There may be times when a publisher has offered a contract, and you review it to find they have great distribution, outstanding royalty payments, and will release your work in all formats…but the synergy is off, and working with them is painstaking, to say the least. What do you do?  Hmm, Now that’s a question YOU have to answer.

Hehe! Hehe!

Until next time… Death is only a click away!

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Many people read my work expecting a mass of intriguing crime scenes, that almost tip the scale when it comes to blood and gore! I love creating these types of stories, but I recently asked myself if this was the only type of writing I could accomplish?
Now, several weeks later, I realize, if I intend to become an author worth his salt, I need to expand my horizons and work on material which propels me from that little comfort zone I have established. I have started this process with two of my latest digital shorts, “House of Misery” and “Misery Unleashed.” These you might classify as paranormal/horror, which may not seem to break my stronghold away from the blood lust, but it does start me in another direction and hopefully more fans are receptive to this. I promise you, the serial killer tales will still be there, but there will also be some, that just might touch your heart. (Yes, just a little hallmark.) I always envisioned my writing having multiple phases, and within each phase comes new challenges. Each will be answered in due time and I hope all of you stay around to watch! Well, time to finish editing my fourth novel, Weaving Evil,  (Old habits are hard to break). I promise you, this will knock your socks off. Hehe!

Until next time…remember, death is only a click away!

Chapter 1 of Weaving Evil

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Tapestry of Silk


Today, I found an old friend. Death is his name, with pain and suffering accompanying him as comfortable roommates. Vanessa Servais read the newly written words over and over, until tears flooded her eyes. She adjusted her glasses, and brushed away the silky red hair, that her mother, if she were alive, would insist had grown way too long. The late Alexis Servais most likely would have also made less than flattering comments regarding her daughter’s current choice to wear non-fashionable eyewear, especially, with state of the art surgical procedures available to correct such a deficiency. That’s how Alexis had always treated her. A fucking deficiency.  The matriarch and elite socialite didn’t voice her disdain for the only child in an open forum, but distant behavior, excessive alcohol consumption, and numerous adulterous encounters, were strong indicators, the woman who had everything, was not satisfied with the life choices she had made. Opportunity to persecute and demean Vanessa appeared to be frequent on her agenda, especially, after the Servais family had learned, Vanessa’s father, Ripley Servais had developed a cancerous tumor, which all medical consults determined, was inoperable. Discussion between the family on the topic had been sparse, and the tragedy that was soon to befall, even catapulted Alexis’ unscrupulous behavior further. A few weeks before his rapid decline, Ripley Servais presented his only daughter with this journal. A short time later, it was the only piece of her father, or anyone for that matter, whoever cared about her that was left.

Enough down memory lane. Closing the worn journal, she scanned the small apartment, for signs her secret world had been invaded by people, who wouldn’t understand… couldn’t understand.  Satisfied her solitude was intact; she secured the gold-plated hasp locking device. She ran her fingers along the smooth leather, cherishing this gift. A girlish smile crossed her lips, as she gazed at the gold lettering that still managed to emerge through. The Keeper of Secrets was first used, to haphazardly scribble down her fantasies about teenage boys she would have casual conversations with, but was much too shy to ever act on. Since those awkward years, Vanessa had grown into a voluptuous scholar, who experimented with her compliment of relationships, which usually ended up in failure. But she never gave up hope, and continued to jot down a note or two in her journal, for future references, hoping to create a roadmap to find the right mate. Her undergraduate studies at Ohio State found her more focused in the field of entomology, and less concerned with romantic involvements… except one. The passion for work led her to the west coast, involving her more with the bio-chemistry side of the field. As Vanessa’s  post-graduate years passed, visible cynicism crept in, and the journal writings became less and less about dreams of love and being loved, and shifted focus on pain and little tolerance for the human species, in any form…

Vanessa clutched the journal to her chest, as she hurried through the small apartment, only stopping when she reached her destination. The tidy but featureless kitchen housed the standard appliances and furnishings most would have in their residences, except perhaps the door to any pantry they may own, probably didn’t have two industrial sized padlocks keeping safe haven on their staple of Ramen Noodles and Pure Cane sugar from Hawaii. Vanessa reached at her neck, as she removed a gold chain from underneath her blouse. Two metallic colored keys, approximately the same size and shape, were positioned at the end of the chain, and within seconds, found their purpose rotating the tumblers in the heavy locks. She was careful in removing them, almost quiet even, as not to disturb what lay behind the private entry.

Stepping through, darkness swallowed her; she was momentarily frightened. Even though this was her Utopia, the unknown and unseen, especially in this place, would terrify anyone. She reached high above her head, until she located the switch, which quickly put a fluorescent hue upon the interior. My little angels. Her eyes lit up with joy, as she stashed the journal in a man-made cement crevice just inside the doorway. Gazing upon the packed shelves, Vanessa’s breath started to quicken. She smiled. “Did you miss me today? I certainly missed you!” A movement to her right caused her to smile in earnest. “Maxine, you must need some TLC. Come to mommy.” The tall red-head placed both hands around a glass container and removed it from the middle shelf. Careful not to take a misstep and damage the precious cargo, she placed it on a medium sized oval shaped table located in the center of the room. Vanessa gazed at the assortment of colorful foliage, as she mindfully tapped at the glass, trying to gain the attention of the sole inhabitant. “Maxine, time to work…don’t be shy.” At first, the consistent reverberation of Vanessa’s fingertips against Maxine’s temporary home was a mere disruption in the resident’s daily regimen. This was her world. The Queen ruled her Kingdom with a lack of forgiveness. All of her visitors, ended up in a tapestry of silk, only to be drained of their life juices and digested, so she could maintain her beauty and strength.

Vanessa’s efforts finally aroused the female creature to emerge from her shelter. My perfect girl. Vanessa’s face beamed with delight, as she removed the tin lid. She turned back to the rows of shelves, again choosing another container, identical only in description. A quick turn of the cover, unveiled several wrapped medical syringes. She plucked one from the group, and closed the container. Vanessa returned to the table, realizing Maxine was now making a full appearance to her public. The carnivore’s sleek dark body glistened, as her eight thin, but agile legs, glided her along the verdant floor of the glass. Her abdomen was highlighted with a colorful birthmark, which doubled as an identifier; one which could entice fear, intense pain, and sometimes even cause her victims to have a rendezvous with the afterlife. The bright hourglass design was the reason Vanessa had chosen her; a most important role in the demented world Vanessa was about to create.

The redhead removed the syringe from its package, slowly lowering it into the cylinder. The creature realized its’ home had been invaded, and tried to scurry to shelter, but her feeble attempts resulted in absolute failure. Vanessa’s steady hand guided the sharp steel into the depths of Maxine’s flesh, piercing the sweet spot, relieving the creature of her special elixir. Vanessa’s lips formed a devilish grin, as the clear cap of the medical instrument was quickly filled. She was careful not to remove the needle with recklessness; hopefully repeated use would be on the menu. Speaking of menu. She capped the needle, watching as Maxine didn’t waste time retreating to a safe haven under the foliage. “Thank you Maxine. I have a special treat for you.” Excited, Vanessa stored the syringe in the small fridge in the pantry. Returning to the row of shelves, she removed one more container. This one didn’t follow the cookie cutter model of the others. It had two major differences. One, it was square in shape, and secondly, the glass was more opaque than all of the others she used to house her guests. She reached inside, and removed the lone occupant. The tan eight legged arachnid sported many of the characteristics of his female complement, He even possessed the faint unique birthmark the species shared. But the male black widow was rather harmless and for that matter, helpless when compared to his female counterpart and this difference alone would soon cost him dearly. Vanessa slid the new guest into the Queen’s container, and admired how expedient Maxine responded to her mate. A ghoulish grin filled her face. A tapestry of silk ends it all!

New Years Resolutions?

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Today, let’s talk about our New Year resolutions. I will share what I have envisioned to be my most eager to accomplish. (No, I’m not listing all of them. Lol.)

1. First and foremost, is to complete my two-part digital release, Cupid’s Kill! The first installment is in the publisher’s hot hands, and a cover is forthcoming…soon

2. My next full length novel, Weaving Evil seems to elude its completion. I have made a conscious effort to get it out to you fans and friends within six months. ( promise no more procrastinating… 🙂

3. At the end of last year, I came up with a terrifying plot line for my first Horror novel, which I have entitled Reigning Blood. I will say this: If you enjoy paranormal horror, this will be for you, if not, wait until my next serial killer novel, Death Map comes out. Just saying…

4. The fourth and final writing resolution I have planned, is the continuing saga of my latest digital release Forsaken. The next installment will be entitled…drumroll please! Deadly Identity.

Okay, writing down all these resolutions is making me exhausted, a short rest period, before a long year ahead I presume? Now, I have been a good sport in sharing…I ask all you fans and friends, what are your resolutions for the upcoming year? I would love to hear them…

Oh, and remember, Death is only a click away. (Could be many clicks away with all the writing I have planned.)


And the Unique Phobia is…

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Wow! Great responses to our little informal contest! There were many awesome suggestions, but alas…there can be only one winner. (Actually there were two!) I will be incorporating the two in my upcoming fifth novel, entitled, Death Map. Congratulations to the following phobias…

Sciaphobia- The fear of shadows!  Very cool, and I have already plotted out the course for this with a character you might remember. (That is, if you read my books!)

Ancraophobia- The fear of wind.  Now of course, I may tweak it just a bit to accommodate the wind chime fear…so stay tuned.

Okay, I wanted to wish you all a happy Fourth of July, and this week we are featuring my digital short Red, White and Blood. So,if you want a quick read, and enjoy a  bang for a buck…(hehe) come check it out at:

Until next time…remember, death is only a click away!