Prologue from my latest novel, 3:16

For the last few months, I’ve been formulating the plot for my next release, 3:16. I started writing it October, and I’m pleased with the progress. I though I might share an excerpt from it with you all.  Keep checking back for updates!


Brandon Thornley unzipped his jacket and removed the GPS device. He followed the frost-covered trail until he reached the wooded sanctuary that was home to the tools of his real trade. He thought he could give it up and live the life of an honest man, but the hunger for killing was too strong, and Brandon wouldn’t mask it any longer. He forced himself through a multitude of tree branches, barely feeling their backlash on his exposed face and neck. After walking a few more steps, he stopped in front of a large pine tree. He was startled by the computer-generated voice, which indicated he had reached his destination.

Wonderful. Nobody had found his hiding place.

One Response to “Prologue from my latest novel, 3:16”

  1. Pat Perry Says:

    Hello Jeffrey,
    I can not wait to read your newest crime novel. Already read Lucifers Calling and Deadly Demented, Loved them both But Deadly Demented was the best one yet. Waiting to read 3:16 now. ( Thank You for siging them for us.)

    Thank You
    One of your fans Pat

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